Why is it so hard to find a mtf person?

I want to date a transgirl but why can't I run into one in the area I'm in? I have to travel way away just to come across a transwoman. I want to date like now. I'm in Chicago Holla at me.

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  • I thought FTM were less common than MTF.

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  • You're actually better off going to another area like NY or FL to find your partner. Though, transgender people are actually way less common in the US than the media wants people to think.

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    • Yeah they gravitate towards TikTok so you'll see a ton of them there but not as many in person as it seems. I'm in New York they're definitely here and a fair lot lol but on TikTok it's like every other person which makes you think 50% of people are trans but nope.

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  • Move to Toronto.

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  • Try cruising Tumblr, I don't know.

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  • Chicago probably has plenty lol

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  • Because being trans requires an active decision from you to live as the opposite gender for a number of years and then have surgery to rectify the fact that your genitalia doesn't match what you believe it should look like.

    The only people who would make such a life-changing decision are those with gender dysphoria, who make up about 1% of the global population (600,000,000 people). So that's 600,000,000 people with gender dysphoria out of 60,000,000,000 humans.

    Of those 600,000,000 people with gender dysphoria globally, only a fraction of them will be in your local area. And an even smaller fraction will be local to you AND be on the specific part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum that you're considering dating.

    Of those people who match your wants and desires, they too will have a type, and if you don't match what they're looking for, they won't want to date you either.

    That just about covers why dating an MtF transwoman is difficult, i think..

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  • I just saw the first trans person ive ever seen in real life. It just so happen to be the daughter of my dads long lost brother from CALIFORNIA of all places. It was a chic tryin to be a dude. All that was different was she had a mullet and grew her leghair out. Still looked like a chic.

    They came over my parents house and got drunk and partied.

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