Why i can't chill with someone

When two people say 'let's chill', they be chilling.

When someone asks me to chill, I'll agree until I get hyped about something. I go from chill to "LET'S FUCKING GO" in a millisecond. I have a feeling I'm losing friends because of this 🙃 I appreciate the friends who stick with me despite of my 0 to 100 attitude.

Anyone else get too hyped or too passionate about something?

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  • Maybe start jogging to burn off some excess energy?

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  • Cant be chill all the time, that’d be really boring.

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  • I had a friend like that. He would show up at the bar and talk for 5 minutes and be like "wanna go over so and sos house?" We go there then 10 minutes after "lets go to that new bar". Then its "alright Im gonna go home."

    I think its like an anxiety or something

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  • Like you get easily excited or impulsive to talk? I'm just curious, I want to understand

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    • It's basically when I hang out with someone, and my phone notifies me about stuff like YouTube videos or something on Facebook. If it's either something I didn't expect or something that I waited patiently for that usually hypes me up.

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