Why he making it out to be my fault

My boyfriend been text his ex girlfriend who he went to school with there both moved to different countries but see found him on Facebook so there started text every day so I got upset then he said he told her to stop only to find out he been using other email address to contact her but he keeps telling me not to worry he told her personal stuff About our relationship and then it won’t be long before I’ve gone and then he wonders why I got upset with him when he tells her stuff like this that he’s going to end it and then he tells me no he’s not going to end it. What should i do

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  • Just point blank ask him why are you flirting with old flames and remind him how you know. You both should exit the relatishonship at that point

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  • Because he always blames other people for his own mess. Has he ever taken ownership of any mistakes he's made? Has he ever apologized for anything, ever?

    Some people have issues with accepting that they were wrong. They always look for someone else to shift the blame on. Looks like your boy is one of those.

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  • That is a red flag. My first bf in high school did the same thing. He texted his ex constantly, I told him to stop and he said of course he will. They then added each other on facebook weeks later and when confronted he said that shes the one who wont leave him alone and that he just accepted the friend request without paying attention to whom it came from *eyeroll* yeah right. He deleted her again but they stayed in touch. She eventually got dumped by her boyfriend and when I found out they were in contact again then he once again blamed her for it and said she was turning to him for "support". I eventually found out they'd been in close contact the whole time "hanging out" almost daily, in secret. They also got back together like a week after I dumped him even though he threatened to end his entire life if I ended the relationship... Since then I do not trust any man who's in touch with his ex, especially not if he is completely incapable of taking responsibility and blames her for bothering him. If he was bothered he would've blocked her ages ago. he either enjoys the attention from two women or he's actually the one bothering her and using the same manipulative tactics on her that he's using to keep you around and buy into his lies. Dump him before it gets worse. He's nothing to have and just think about it like this, if you really loved a guy would he need you beg you to stop entertaining your ex, or any other man for that matter?! You deserve better. Never beg a man to choose you.

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