Why he finding it so hard

I’ve been relationship for ages and my family ask my partner what does he think about our future he always blanks that out and gets frustrated and annoyed and walks out but never can answer them the question

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  • I wouldn't say he isn't ready to commit, he could just not be ready to be railroaded into making promises by your family, tell them to back off and leave him alone.
    How wo you like it if his family were constantly asking you when you are going to produce a child for them... Chill out and let the relationship rise or fall naturally.

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  • You need to have a conversation with that boy, and find out what's up with his attitude.

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  • He doesn't want to commit or have witnesses that he said a commitment to you. He doesn't want to be on record as committing. Or maybe just saying the truth in front of you!

    Basically commitment issues.
    Could be a history issue
    He could just be a user

    It's not really friends and families business but if they sense he's a user and you are hiding your head in the sand, then most people who care about you will do things to try and make you aware. If you don't mind then that's up to you. I tried to point that out to a very dear friend and she told me, "doesn't matter I'm just using him too". SURE! She was devastated when he moved on to another.

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  • no one cares

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  • How long is ages?

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  • Depends on y’all culture and age. But I can see that it’s not really their business.

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