Why does toyota last so long (mileage)?

Are the engines blue-print better than Ford? how?

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  • I would like to have a 4x4 Toyota Hilux. Those seems to last forever. Plus where I live they are the ideal vehicle: can be driven on any roads, can be used to carry literally anything and easy to drive.

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  • I have a Supra and I don’t think I’ll get more than 100k miles on that thing Lol

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  • Japanese cars don't fail but have no soul, Korean cars don't fail but steal their soul, italian cars are full of romantacism and nothing else, British cars are beautiful but need a ninja electrician. American cars are boring junk. German cars are what everyone emulates.

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  • They last a long time if you invest in a bunch of expensive repairs after about 150k miles (transmission, catalytic converter, etc.)

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  • Having all the engine and transmission parts balanced by robots makes a big contribution to longevity. I have an 20 year old Honda Civic with a robotically balanced 1.7, 4 cylinder motor. It has 345,000 km on it. The engine runs like new. The transmission is showing only slight wear.

    Toyotas are known to be even slightly better than Hondas. Be sure to use full synthetic oil.

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  • I bought a Toyota Camry as a backup for my sister in law and that little thing is indestructible, could run it on rocks if you wanted.

    I’ve been eyeing those Tacomas, I think they’re sick little trucks, I don’t know the power in them as I need something really heavy for hauling horses/livestock and equipment. I have a 3500 Chevy dually right now for hauling.

    Wife’s Mini Cooper - trash
    My Cadillac Escalade - breaks 5 times a week. You hit that thing’s dash once and the computer is dead immediately
    Bought one of those little Z3 BMW convertibles so the girls had something fun for the warm weather, let it sit for a month, damn thing won’t even turn on I gave up on it and stuck it in the garage until I can get a rocket scientist to fix it

    Toyota good. Yes

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  • promotin engineers into management insteada a buncha empty suit mbas

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  • I'm going to follow this question as I just got a new 2022 Toyota. Runs good so far. Will it get to 200,000 miles?! My first Toyota, too.

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    • As long as you take care of it. periodic engine oil changes are a must to make them last. Synthetic oil even better.

      I've got about 300,000 on a 2009 Hyundai Sonata... and expect it to last at least another 100,000 if not 200,000 miles.

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    • It will almost certainly make it to 200k. You should have asked if it will make it to 400k.

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