Why does the linkin park make me want to commit suicide?

As you may relate to chester bennington death to suicide, for some reason the "From The Inside" makes me want to commit suicide in most silent and painless way in which my consciousness slowly fades away from this world as barrier between me and the world becomes farther and more blurred until I slip into total oblivion, leaving everything i've done and experienced behind.

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  • I loved Linkin Park, I still listen to them for nostalgia reasons.

    Faint, In The End and Nobody's Listening are a banger!

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  • I noticed after Chester's death that many Linkin Park sound very suicidal. I can't unknow and it kind of ruined the band for me. Those lyrics come from a suicidal man and they can mess with your head.

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  • Stop listening to Linkin Park if that is the case. Listen to more upbeat pop music.

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    • I only like Bring Me The Horizon - Amo as pop-core, but the rest of pop shit is a total rotting garbage bin.

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