Why does someone stick out everywhere we go?

Everywhere I go someone stick out and you'll get a vibe or feeling about that one person. You could get a new job, go to the park, the grocery store, and one person will stick out. Are the bad or good?

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  • Sometimes, you do get someone who could be giving off bad vibes, but that would be their problem, not yours. Just don't cross them in the wrong way or rub them up the wrong way and you'll be fine.

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  • What do you mean by "stick out"? If you mean there's always someone who stands out to you, that's not unusual and not bad or good, just normal, some people are more noticeable than others.

    If you mean you believe you're getting negative vibes from someone you've never met before, that's almost certainly just in your head.

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  • You might be paranoid. It's not normal to get that feeling everywhere you go.

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  • I get that too sometimes

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