Why does no one see my value ot make me a priority?

I'm tired of people not valuing me and leaving my life especially friend and some family.
All I wanted was a mutual connection where someone loved me for who I am, not my lack of money, social status etc.
I feel I'm a decent person and a good hearted person who is very loyal to those I care for.
I'm old fashioned and value chivalry and morals and romance and affection. In hindsight the closest I came to it was with a past close friend at age 16 and she gave me loads of affection, told me she missed hearing my vvoice and all those cute things.
Ofc she chose a crack head and I never got to date her.
I'm bow 27 and I'm f and I wanted to be with a WOMAN!!
I wanted someone to do what I'd do for them, buy me flowers, puruse me, text me daily, be clingy cause I always pursued other people here and there.
It makes me feel like im not enough 😔
If I was, I'm sure if have found love by now

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  • Not sure, but remember there is no one thing you can do to make someone fall in love with you (such as buying flowers for example). Sometimes that person is just not into you as a person, maybe they weren't really right for you either.

    Of course you must do the basics like actually get to know them and care about them (but also keep your personal limits and self respect, and dont let people exploit you). And dont act mad towards them if they aren't interested, that that is a bad warning to anyone who finds out. Good hygiene is a must and getting in shape is recommended (helps, but not a must).

    It also sounds bad that even friends or family are leaving you, maybe they are the ones who did something wrong (especially family). But if you're overly clingy that can be a reason as that can be annoying and tiring.

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    • Thanks for the reply but I don't exactly agree with the clingy thing, its not like I text them every day

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  • Try more. Put yourself out there, man. Ask people out on dates! A lot of women (and men) want to be asked out, but nobody fucking asks.

    I scored a date by being very annoying and making my interest known. Flirt with people you like. Don't be shy. If they show interest in return, ask them out. Tell them how you feel. People keep too much bottled up inside these days.

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    • Thankss 😊 🌟

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  • Don't be so desperate. Focus on yourself and take some responsibility. Maybe you push people away with your behaviours. It's just closed minded to blame everyone else instead of doing some introspection.

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    • I thought his post itself was an expression of introspection?

      But you are right in a sense. Confidence is attractive. People are drawn to it. Overcoming fear of speaking to people, fear of embarrassment, and a desire to please... is part of the journey.

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    • Very true

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