Why does my mum not offer my sister money?

So my sister wont admit it but sh has bad mental health like moi. She has anxiety, ocd and depression. Sh always acts fake happy though. My sister health is not great obviously due to anxiety issues.
My mum offers to pay for my health appt but not my sister when my sister complains about her health.

Why is this?

Seems odd especially cause my sister looks exhausted and is fatigued too

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  • How old is your sister

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  • It's really hard to answer without knowing more info.

    I don't treat all of my children exactly the same, because they are individuals and require slightly different styles of parenting. One child might really appreciate having their medical bills paid for them, and would use it as a jumping off point to improve their lives, whilst another might just end up feeling entitled to your help, and it would further bolster their over-reliance on you, lack of motivation to help themselves, and be like throwing money into a blackhole. What is good for one child might be quite bad for another.

    Also, you don't know your parent's finances. Maybe they can't afford to help with everything. My parents have never been able to afford to help me with anything much, even at times when I really needed it. It doesn't mean they don't love me, it's just a moot point because they have no money to give in the first place.

    Finally, it could just be that your mum doesn't think that your sister needs medical help. Maybe she doesn't think her medical problems are particularly serious, but does think that your are.

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  • Contact a psychiatrist and go on cheap meds( my meds cost me less than 15 cents per day)

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  • Does your sister live somewhere else while you still live with your mom? From what I've seen in my neck of the woods, most parents only pay for the children who live with them.

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  • Can your mother afford to lend your sister money?
    I think you should simply ask her why she doesn't offer to help your sister if it's necessary and she has the means to do so. Maybe she's one of those tough loving parents who thinks your sister needs to learn to be indepedent but she should at least be supportive and talk to her about her mental health if she doesn't already do this.

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