Why does my dad do this?

Every time we drive by a church I noticed my dad balls his hand into a fist and kisses it? My mom doesn’t do this and I’ve never heard of anyone else doing this so Idk. I’m not religious but he is, so is it something that has to do with religion? He’s catholic btw

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  • I have no idea. Seems like a strange and harmless habit - why don't you just ask him?

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  • I've never seen anyone do that.

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  • Ask him

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  • The below from: https://forums.catholic.com/t/why-do-people-kiss-their-fist-after-the-sign-of-the-cross/82711/3

    "My wife who is from the Philipines does this.

    It is because they make a cross with their thumb and index finger and make the sign of the cross with their thumb and index finger crossed, like a cross. After touching their right shoulder they then kiss the 'cross' made by their thumb and forefinger."

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