Why does he like me?

I don't like myself and never felt pretty since I gained weight. I used to weigh 120lb and now I'm 180lb. I never dress "sexy" for people and never got my nails or hair done. I hate myself.

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  • Because he likes the mind and values that he sees underneath the surface layer of outer beauty; and the potential that you have with a good partner.

    You have something of value... and you can do great things in your life... if you get the right support.

    He just might be right for that... or may lead to someone who is better for you long term.

    I believe in you... as it seems that he believes in you.

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  • Idk... cause you're awesome?

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  • I dunno, he just lukes you.

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  • Try self love, basically u take urself out on a date and treat urself to thing's you'd like. U can just do it for free at home too like make a bubble bath take ur favourite drink in there play a game on ur phone and u just tell urself stuff like I'm beautiful, I'm a queen, I'm amazing. Maybe lifht some 🕯 or get some mood lighting in there put some uplifting music on. Tell ur self stuff like yep, no one got me but me. I Just got a DNA test turns out I'm 100% that bitch

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