Why do you beleive in god?

Now im not here to try starting a religious arguement, or trigger some christians, but i think its ridiculous how people think god created the universe and everything in it in 6 days, 6000 years ago, when theres clearly objects billions of years old on earth today. I mean he created humans right? Why is there evidence of evolution? I dont know, my honest opinion is that god was created because a true understanding of earth, what happens after death, and what happens before birth, wasnt known yet back then. I mean how can god grab all the materials of a human, mix it up into a big heep, and send them down into a females stomach, when theres clear knowladge on how that works. Anyone wanna make me look bad and provide me with some evidence of god?

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  • I can see your point of view. As a believer in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, I must say that most factual evidence goes against it. However, I personally have pondered the scriptures and turned before God and just asked. I believe in him so strongly not because of factual evidence, but because of personal experience. I have felt Him in my life, and he has personally confirmed what I wanted to know. I really hope this helps whether you are striving to find out answers yourself or are just curious!!!

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  • god did not create everything in 6 days. he mucked about for 5 days and then pulled an all-nighter.

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  • Catholics believe that the creation stories are Allegorical Interpretations.

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  • most people, like yourself, has it seems, cant really understand the scriptures at all. A lot of it is written in a alegorical, metaphorical way, and not literally.
    May i give you an example?
    Ya said "God created the world in 6 days" and yes, it is said in the bible that was in this time. But he only created the sun on the second day (i think), so how would the first day be measured? It is not the time of men, but the time of God. So, in reallity, God created the world in 6 "periods of time", that, for him, is like a day.

    Other thing is that there really IS scientiffic evidence of creationism in many field of research. Also, scientists tells people the stuff, but most of the time dont bother to show how such result was obtained.
    If you sincerelly study the work of creationist scientists and compare to, lets say, common scientists, is not that easy to decide which one is more believable

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  • I find an all powerful being creating the world more realistic than an explosion creating it. That's just my thoughts

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  • My Lord the Flying Spaghetti Monster spoke to me in the early hours of the morning. He looked down at me with eyes like giant olives, and it reached a long noodle down to touch me. I won't tell you where it touched me, but I can tell you I was immediately filled with the satisfaction and joy one gets after eating spaghetti. He began to speak to me even though he had no mouth, and he told me that if I followed his laws I would go to the Pie In The Sky when I died. I asked what would happen if I disobeyed, and he said I would be boiled in pasta sauce until I had suffered enough for my sins. So I asked my glorious pasta god if he would teach me his laws, but he got angry with me. He got angry because I should have read his book, 1001 ways to cook noodles, and then I would already know. I was terrified and I apologized immediately, and begged him for forgiveness and more time to study The Holy Cookbook, 1001 ways to cook noodles. The Flying Spaghetti monster is far more merciful than the false gods of conventional religions, and he forgave me immediately. I'm not certain but I think he even chuckled because I was afraid of him. "Do not fear me, Creampuff." It said. "So long as you follow out on your word." I nodded and promised I would. We talked for a while, mostly about the universe and life and the meaning of everything. Finally, I had to ask. "My lord, what am I supposed to do to those who do not believe? Or those who choose to worship the Crawling Ravioli Beast?" And in his infinite wisdom, the Flying Spaghetti Monster told me in a strange foreign accent using old English words: "Thou shalt lie with thy heathen." And then he left. I lay in bed for an hour or more, contemplating what I had just seen and heard. Then I smelled noodles cooking and I walked into the kitchen, and behold, a pot of spaghetti was ready to be eaten.

    Pasta doesn't cook itself and no human made it for me and I had been asleep before then, so that's why I will always be faithful to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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    • That's such a romantic love story

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    • 1001 ways? If your refering to actual christian laws, thats very inaccurate. Theres at least 10 and no more than like 20. And if you disobeyed them you wont just go to hell for lets say swearing once ir something. It doesnt work like that, its just like a job, if you screw up or do something wrong you dont get fired right away, you very likely get a warning or a second chance. But if you repeatedly disobey, then stuff gets real and you can always say sorry and stuff and improve behavior, show your worth, and maybe get ur job back. And your refering God as spaghetti monster?
      Come on.

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    • On top of spaghetti,
      All covered with cheese.
      I lost my poor meatball,
      when somebody sneezed.

      It rolled off the table,
      And on to the floor.
      And then my poor meatball,
      rolled out the door.

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  • when a star explodes it forms an expanding ring of gas and you can measure it . i think its stupid that scientists can claim for billions of years stars existed and only recent times stars started blowing up. i also find science to be pure religion with popes and disciples, and requires fantasy to think nothing exploded into everything . go suck a dick loser. You are nothing but a mathemagician. God doesnt exist because it has no location. the moment its found proves it exists. boo hoo hoo.

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  • As a catholic myself i'm curious just like you but different people has their different beliefs and i respect that.

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  • Your missing something, God is almighty. He can do anything so anything that he supposedly did, he probably did. And dont forget that there is a devil, the devil could have done all this terrible stuff to humans (world wars, abuse, murdering etc) and the devil could have created the evidence to make people bwlieve that God does not exist.

    Im not telling people that they HAVE been decieved and there wrong, im just saying its possible.

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  • because i have never seen a rock jump into being . what stops them from forming on earth ? something created the rocks , scientists then created 4 amino acids found in life forms , But nucleic acids are the basis of the genetic code . they are really stupid. like my teacher.

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