Why do tomboys grow up to be more feminine

why do tomboys grow up to be more feminine? I couldn’t help but notice it. Or cool people in high school, why do they drastically change?

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  • perhaps they got the boyish things out of the way in their lives while young. who know.

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  • When you're young you of course don't care much for what you look like, when you grow older you do. the thoughts of society (about being feminine or whatever) collectively change your mind, whether you realize it or not.

    Cool people in high school have this arrogance because they are popular, sometimes delusional and think that the real world will also be like that. when they get to the real world their concept of reality will be changed and some don't know how to cope with it and adapt.

    These are just my opinions though.

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  • They still crave a dick inside the puss.

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  • That is a ridiculous generalisation at best.

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  • Sometimes conformity. Sometimes tastes change. In regards to the drastic change, I would think it would have to do with wearing a mask or presenting a stage character and then deciding to give up the act and be authentic or the other way around, authentic and then starting to conform and hide away parts of themselves. Sometimes the pendulum just swings and has nothing to do with either of those things. There are hundreds of possible answers but that's my hot take.

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  • Parents and attudues!

    I grew up being told I can be or do whatever I want.

    I loved playing; in the dirt, with cars and trucks, climbing trees and building things. As I grew up that turned into wanting to be good or the best at what I do. I also like doing things that guys thought I couldn't do.

    I played sports, I wasn't the best but I wasn't the worst. I learned how to repair cars partially from necessity. Worked my way through school at an auto repair facility.

    However, I liked bringing out the other side as well. Just because a girl can hit a baseball, or fix a car, doesn't mean she doesn't like being a girl.

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  • Because it's a phase. But today tom boys don't exist they just are brainwashed into becoming trans

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