Why do so many people fake service dogs

My friend has an actual service dog that took YEARS to train, and he knows 10 tasks.. meanwhile these dogs are sniffing and shitting, barking and disturbing everyone.. I’m talking bought off Amazon harnesses that say ‘service dog’ these people MAKE ME SO MAD. You’re putting disabled people’s lives on the line because you want ‘your emotional support dog’ to go on a free plane ride?? (Emotional support dogs are NOT allowed in public.. unless it’s a therapy space.) WTF I HATE YOU.

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  • As long as they're well behaved I LOVE seeing animals in public, especially dogs. I love service dogs, but I usually try to give them space unless the dog, or person wants to meet, or communicate with me. I'm fine with emotional support animals too! I lived in Las Vegas for 15 years, and people bring dogs, especially toy dogs in sweaters, and booties everywhere! I haven't had a bad experience with an animal in years!

    My only regret is that I didn't get the paperwork for my late Siamese cat to be considered an emotional support animal. He was usually in his stroller in public, and or on a leash.

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