Why do radical feminist terfs hate gender norms?

I've repeatedly seen radical feminists moan about trans people and how they supposedly 'reinforce sexist steriotypes'. How exactly are gender norms sexist? By that logic, any woman who wears a dress and makeup is reinforcing 'stereotypes', or any man who dresses in just masculine clothes and has typically male interests. People like this seems to have no understanding that personal preference isn't endorsement. Women who like to embrace typical femininity aren't saying YOU need to be feminine if you don't want to be. And people tend to be a mix of things anyway, not just wholly one thing. I even saw one idiot who suggested that most women are attracted to men who wear dresses, which is an outright lie. Conservative media that supports them are also huge hypocrites. They've spent years complaining about an agenda to feminize men, now they're encouraging an ideology that wants more men in dresses just for the sake of combating 'gender norms', which there is absolutely nothing wrong with.

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  • I'm not sure what the hell I just read.
    Conservative media encourages men to wear dresses? What?

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  • I'm a feminist and I don't like trans but I couldn't care less about what people like wearing. The only issue is when a man puts on a dress and then demands to be called a woman.

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  • I love how they keep adding letters in LGBTQIA+ in an effort to show solidarity, but the LGBTQ community is so fucked up and divided. How can a group of such diametrically opposed people represent tolerance and acceptance?

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  • I'm surprised by how many people read that and appear to have understood any part of it.

    Random Rant:
    I've never liked the term "TERF". It's just tacking on extra words to "radical feminist", which is just a term that got thrown around because "regular feminists" wanted to distance themselves from what "feminism" really means without coming up with a whole new word (I know it's based on equality, but everyone these days seems to have a different idea of what "equality" really is. Everyone is unified against radical feminists, though. In fact, I'm half-convinced that being a feminist just means hating radical feminists).

    Now we have the trans-exclusionary radical feminist which, I don't know, is like a SUPER radical feminist? Does being a regular, equality-feminist but not liking trans people automatically upgrade you to the Super version of radical feminism? I get the feeling someone would say "well, you can't be a TRUE feminist and not like transgenderism, so yes", but that's an oversimplification of... well, everything.

    Basically, I think everyone just needs a new word. Let go of "feminism" if half the people in the group disgust you and you're not willing to classify them as anything else but "_____ _____ feminists".

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    • I think that's a good idea. People who want to use feminism as a cover for their hate have literally taken feminism and turned it into something else entirely. It would be good if we just made up a new word, like antimisogyny or better yet just renamed it "the gender equality movement" so that no one can misconstrue it to mean something else.

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  • What's a terf?

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  • Most TERFs, if you dig beneath the surface, are racist, xenophobic, and generally just fall into the feminist stereotype of not liking men, or thinking that anything with a Y chromosome is a senseless, killing rape machine.

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  • Terfs are not worth any of our attention, really. And how some people think that society should convert to a matriarchy, or how some people want to switch beauty standards around to make those who are made fun of the ideal body type, hair color or whatever trait that's coveted.. I mean like, really? Shouldn't we be fighting against the things that hold us back rather than trying to switch them around so that one is above the other again?

    We've seen beauty standards change throughout the years, because every time one beauty standard is in place, someone says "I want to feel pretty too" and then an idiot responds with "I see, then now let's switch things up and make the other people mocked for not looking how we want them to while you're the one who's seen as attractive!" That's not to say that people who match the beauty standard have it good either, because they're very often the victims of constant harassment and unwanted sexual remarks being thrown their way, or worse.

    I feel like so long as gender is a concept in this world, no one will ever be truly happy, because humans are very stupid.

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  • It has nothing to do with that. Men who claim to be trans (which is a small minority, most trans people nowadays are just incel fetishists) act in a way that no sane real woman would which makes sense because they aren't women. They only know women from animes, porn and their own sexist fantasies in 99% of the cases. Same goes for women who pretend to be men - They are femcel pick me's who only know men from animes, k-pop groups and their fantasies. Those men who think they can finally get some attention and validation from women by acting as one of them have no clue what being a woman is hence they act like a caricature of a woman and takes help from stereotypes to do so. It's mostly men who do that, whereas the women who larp as men don't actually have any interest in being stereotypical men but rather soft uwu anime bois.
    If a real woman is feminine that is a different thing, it's normal unless she's one of those insane misogynist (yes women can be misogynist) religious, racist homophobes who wants everything to be ~traditional~ and who dresses very feminine to appease to her man and to ~God~.

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  • Because progressives whole world view is that we are all equal and basically start in life as the same. So if a man is better at something just because he's a man the only way they can explain that to themselves is society made him that way. To them it cant have anything to do with testosterone or anything like that its all about society.

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