Why do i love to smell inside my boyfriends ears

I love to smell my boyfriends ears all the time

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  • I haven't heard of that specific fetish before, but I'm certainly not surprised.

    Smell is very powerful. It is the most effective way to trigger vivid memories. It makes emotional connections for us. And women generally notice smells more than men.

    There was a fascinating study where at a university, guys were given identical shirts to wear. The unlaundered shirts were then given to girls, who smelled the armpits and stated if they thought the smell attractive or unattractive.
    Now you might be questioning if scientific research funding is being put to good use here, but bear with me. These scientists discovered certain genetic differences between the women and the men whose odors they liked. This attraction tends to result in, if I understand it correctly, better immunities for the offspring.

    The new podcast "Question Booth" had a sound byte of a woman who said she wanted to just snuggle her face up into her husband's armpit and lay like that for hours.

    If he's ok with you smelling his ear and it's comforting to you, then be yourself! Do what makes you happy. You've learned a trick many people never master: find the sense triggers that relax you (or produce a different desirable response) and use that life hack as often as needed to be happy.

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  • I love to smell my girlfriend's pussy so I guess the ear is ok, too.

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  • Nothing can scare me now after the legendary two girls one cup..

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  • Suck his Q-Tip.

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  • Dude your fucking weird

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