Why do i feel no pain?

A few times in my life I got beat up by a friend or just someone but I didn't that much pain like I only felt like I was Getting Hit With a pillow But no Hard pain or whatever I try explaining it to family but they think I'm trying to be different so I came on here asking.

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  • If you can’t feel pain at all then there’s disorders of the nervous system that cause that. Otherwise you might just have a really good pain tolerance.

    I have a superhuman pain tolerance myself. Once had a nail that went through my boot at a job and was stabbing the bottom of my foot. I didn’t notice for hours because it just felt like something was in my shoe but not painful. Another time I slammed a car door on my hand and lost a fingernail, but it didn’t hurt that bad (I don’t even remember swearing or anything like that).

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  • The adrenaline rush you get probably numbs the pain a bit.

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  • Someone is lacing your food with PCP.

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  • Maybe you’re a bit of a doy doy.

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  • it means your umbo bumbo friends need to learn how to punch.

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