Why do black people still act like we owe them something for slavery?

Can they not just get a job on their own merit without having to bring up racism at every opportunity?

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  • First off, don't generalize groups of people it's bad to do when trying to get a point across.

    The main reason, I think, that so many black people think they deserve reparations is because they are told they deserve them by the media. It's no secret that most popular news media sources tend to have a left leaning bias. Because of the bias more news outlets tend to push the idea that blacks are victims. This can be seen as an increase of people believing blacks are treated less fairly in certain situations from traffic stops to getting healthcare from hospitals.

    All that being said, I can't really blame them for believing in those things. It's hard to say that blacks people are completely equal to whites because that's a hard thing to quantify. It is true that a higher percentage of blacks live in poverty and honestly if I were in that position of being offered cash just because of my race it would be tempting, but I don't think cash reparations are the way to go. I think a better way to deal with the disparity is to introduce jobs to places with higher poverty rates and give jobs incentives to hire people below the poverty line regardless of race especially those who are younger.

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  • In my experience black people are extremely racist and so they obsess over race.

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  • Somewhat irrelevant but loosely still relevant.

    I remember watching a stream debate between two people about "diversity hires" where the guy against it thinking people should be hired for their merits and not for putting "Sob story" on their resume. He told the other dude, "You might be happy having some diversity hire for your brain surgery but I'm not risking my life for some retarded logic like that".

    Kinda puts it perfectly.

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  • It not so much black people but far left wing political people because they want black people to never get ahead and be a dependency class.

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  • First of all, don't generalize the whole group of black people. You can say "Many black people" instead of simply, "black people".

    Honestly, blacks are treated very fairly nowadays. They have all the rights they should have, and they are even treated better than other races in some circumstances. (Cuz diversity, it's easier for blacks to get into top universities)

    I don't think they should be given any more priviledges, or that whites still owe them something. They should just be treated as normal people.

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  • i think im just gonna say its not normal idk the options here but we dont owe them shit

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  • Is there any way to be transracial? That way I could get one of those affirmative action jobs and get rich as fuck!

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  • It’s not only that, it’s also with the nazis. Groups of people always feel personally attached to their own, carrying on stereotypes and anger, attacking back when being threatened by something. I personally think, when it’s not been done to them or witnessed it and was before ur time, damn what are you angry at another dude that wasn’t even there. You can’t be mad at people that r already dead
    I often see fights between nationalities on the web, being like, this country did this and that bad, but mine did this. Yours was blablabla...
    Yeah well but you didn’t did u now, eh?
    But u can be mad at those that really carry on the bad things people have done in the past. Rather than being angry at the people that had slaves, be angry about the human traffickers nowadays. Instead of concentrating so much on the past concentration camps, take a look at North Korea, where it probably still exists sadly....Those are the problems that need to be dealt with now, the past is done. Yes, it is important to learn from the past, but humans do the same mistakes over and over again anyways

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  • I'm sure you're thoughts are shared by many. However few will openingly support you as they will be branded racist whether they are or not. Maybe they agree with you simply because they are objective.
    Anyhow it is sad that things were how they were in the past and its sad they way things are now too. But remember others use how they were treated in the past in the same way. All over the world whether it be race they were born or the genetails they were born with.

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