Why can't i think like a normal person

Hello my name is Chante, i'm currently 15, I've been noticing lately how...weird i am. I often think of things normal people don't. I believe in things a normal person wouldn't and i think somethings wrong with me. I hate all interactions with people and social media, i love dark isolated places, i often think about homicide and suicide, i honestly believe that i were to be shot in the head i'd survive. I wish often for mental illness and i want everyone to abandon and bully me, i want to be tortured, and i want scars all over my body. i hate anything not fun and rarely leave my room. i give up on everything really easily and have zero self confidence, i can't sleep at night and i often wish i could live on a planet where only i exist. I have no trust in anyone, and often believe that i'm not even alive and that other people are robots or illusions used for some giant game just to torture me, i get told i stare off into space to often but i never notice and i hate everything about myself and love everything at the same time.

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  • I personally think you're just really depressed.

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  • Ur good. 15 sucks because u were just 12 13 and 14 and those all suck.. can relate to a lot of these directly and all of them in some way I'm sure others more so relate strongly with those too. Also you're not weird you existing is equally valid as anyone else. You deserve an environment where you're surrounded and encouraged by people who love you for who you are. If you choose to be a hermit or gypsy that's cool too but you still deserve a lot more love than it sounds like you're getting. Regardless I'm sure you will figure out a way to get through this time, things get better around 16 steadily better and then much more so as an adult. Where your creativity will be encouraged and you can actually make money writing about your feelings or whatever you like. Don't let other people get to you they don't matter and know nothing that you don't.

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  • Tell ya parents you think you might he depressed and ask of you can talk to a professional about it

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  • I'm the same, i'am just lacking height and purpose. My ego's bruised too.

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  • the things you describe sound a LOT like antisocial personality disorder

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  • obviously this is anti-social behavior

    cant you talk to your family or something? see if they can help you? :)

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