Why can't i find a woman to support me?

I am a middle aged man who is tired of working.
I want to find a relationship with a woman who makes enough money to support herself and me so i do not have to work. I feel like I deserve to sit at home and not have to work.

I am not so picky about looks but she would need to be willing to satisfy my "grown up" needs, serve my meals on time, and be willing to pay my subscription of World of Warcraft. All thisn without any complaining.

I know it sounds weird to want to sit around the house and play games all day but I deserve it.
Why can't i find a woman who will help me out?

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  • This is just plain lazy trolling. No woman in her right mind would want to help you, or someone like you.

    What you might be able to do would be to get yourself an older, less attractive gay man who will help you in exchange for your sexual, and domestic servitude. Wax, and bleach your asshole, then post a pic of it on Grindr.

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  • Are you trying to prove a point? If so, then I get it. Women do this kind of shit all the time, sometimes with the same attitude you have. It's annoying to deal with and witness.

    However, I blame history. Women were forced to stay home, raise children, and depend on their husband to the point it became a social norm. Can you really blame some women for kicking back and riding the system men created for us so long ago and still willing accept such laziness from us?

    If you want a sugar momma, then do what we girls do to get sugar daddies. Focus on your appearance and charisma, so you can charm your way into some wallets.

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  • You're a bad troll.

    Men arent supposed to be sitting at home when they're able bodied though. Your wife should get that luxury.

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  • This has to be a joke. Why do you think deserve to be a lazy asshole. Your not going to find a woman that wants this. It doesn’t matter at all what you think you deserve. Yeah get what you get and no girl wants an idiot mouth breather that doesn’t want to be an adult.

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  • Funnily enough, it seems that the people who're likely male users are the most annoyed by you.

    Being a complete leech and not contributing anything is a waste of life, and not acceptable for any healthy person.

    However, as a woman, I know that it'd be hypocritical to tell you to "be a man" and play your traditional role, seeing as I don't want to only be a stay at home housewife.

    Problem for you is, you'll probably have to find a broken woman, with very low self-esteem to do all of this. That type would likely not be a high earner.

    If you want even half of this to work in any realistic capacity, you need to make some compromises and pull your weight by cleaning up at home and cooking dinner sometimes.

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    • There's nothing wrong with wanting to be a housewife or a househusband, if that works for the couple involved.

      This troll guy doesn't want that, though. He wants a servant with sexual benefits. He doesn't want to contribute to the relationship in anyway. A stay at home wife or husband would usually be expected to contribute to/completely be responsible for the domestic work, plus childcare if there were kids...both of which are essentially 18-24hr jobs.

      It's just that society has largely decided that domestic work is not work, it's just expected of a stay at home person (usually a woman, cos history) because they're "not doing anything of value" and an 8hr work day in a job is supposedly far more strenuous.

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  • You have to be in great shape, have a big dick and know how to use it, and at least sometimes clean the pool.

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  • Gee, I wonder that too. Why can't you find someone to fit the bill ? It's not like you are being self centered, and wanting everything for nothing ? Get up off your deadbeat was and get your ass back to work. Men in society are the workers and women are the nurturers. To take care of booboo's and shit.

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  • Be a man you feckless turd!

    No woman wants a dork mouth breather that jerks off to pixelated cow women. Try grindr, cause you can't satisfy a woman, but maybe your ass can satisfy some gay dude.

    A man should lead and be an example. Confident, financially stable, loving and caring, a provider for his family. A man who makes his wife and family proud, not this...

    What pathetic sack of custard wants to sit and play world of warcraft all day and have his replacement mommy wipe his ass and give him bjs...

    I could never imagine myself living like that and being a burden on my girlfriend. She is amazing and deserves me at my best.

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    • See I agree with you, not so much with the OP. But women have been doing what the OP whants for ever.

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      • You're right in some cases, like in the case of a relative that I have.

        She's unemployed, but the house is filthy and cluttered, and the children aren't fed good food and aren't disciplined or educated well.

        However, in the case of my own mother, she was a hardworking housewife, kept everything neat and organized, made sure we ate properly, taught us well, and could put her hand to any task around and make the most of it.

        Neither of them were criticized, however, which makes me think that it's more optional for a woman to pull her weight properly. I don't think it should be, though.

        If a woman isn't employed, there's no excuse for things at home to be neglected.

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      • I wouldn't go that far... Even if women stay at home, they still do a lot of housework, buy groceries and make a home truly feel like a home.

        My mom has been a housewife most of her life and I have nothing, but the utmost respect for her and the work she does. Making sure home feels like home. Clean, cozy, home cooked meal ready, house smelling of fresh laundry.
        Always welcoming me from school and my dad from work with a smile on her face. That's called being a legend!

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        • Actually you got me with that one! OP just wants to do nothing. At least he could pull a finger out and wash some dishes or do the lawns or something while this poor women (if he gets on) works to support his ass..

          Dam OP, Ya think I don't wanna sit at home playing video games.

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  • You are a man it should be YOU that supports a family, not the other way around you sack of shit. Be a man!

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  • Lol

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  • I'll support you. I'm 67 with loose teeth and dementia.

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  • I think you can find such person but you should get your ass ready for a really big strap on because she will be the man in the house

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  • Let me ask a dumb question to OP: Would you like to support a freeloader?

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  • Holy shit this is most of the guys on dating sites.
    Is this what they would call a "neck beard"?

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  • Sugar mumma hay...... Can you dress up in a tight white sailor uniform, bend over holding a mop and say yes ma'am to every order? I hear some will shout a feed for a toy boy.

    Oh you are just the ladies man aren't you.

    So what you really want is to marry your mother (without the adult stuff) we just assume not.

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  • :/

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  • If you are going to be lazy, you will have to work really really hard to get the opportunity you want.

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  • You're a either trolling, or a man-child with no shame about wanting his wife to basically be a doting mamma who does sex stuff too. At least you admit it then.

    The thing that's stupidest here is that you say you deserve that. I like working, myself, but even if you let me molest you from time to time, you're so lazy and demanding that you'd get too annoying too quickly.

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  • Have you tried dating sites?

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    • I think he should try his luck with gay men. He needs to find himself an old, Grizzly bear of the leather variety.

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  • I was hoping a few ladies would volunteer.
    This is sickening. What do people expect me to do? /continue to be a burden on my parents?
    I am not going to date gay men. there are certain things i am above! Working outside the home and dating men are two of them.

    I feel like women should be so honored to be in my company that they would not mid working full time and maybe a second job part time if that is what it takes.
    It just gets old to have to get up each day and do work a job. This is beneath me.

    If you are embarrassed but want to contact me privately, just buy me IIN gold and you can message me privately. Ladies with jobs only.

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    • What do people expect you to do!? For starters, move out of your parents house you parasite! Get a job! Be a fucking adult! How do you live with yourself? How do you get up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror, knowing you're a middle aged man, babied by his (presumably) elderly parents, who refuses to get a job, cause jobs are no fun...

      I felt bad whenever my parents gave me money, while I was at university. They had the money, it wasn't a burden on them, but I felt like it was to me. I wanted to make my own money. So I studied and got a job, balancing work and studying to take care of myself as much as possible. For my dad's 60th birthday, I bought him a 100hp 6 meter boat he could go fishing with. Bought my mom a gold watch for her 60th birthday. What did you get your parents?! An epic mount?! I even went to the military out of respect for family tradition! Rank: Senior sergeant of the Bulgarian army. True, I did only serve for 6 months, but I honored our traditions.
      Now I'm 26 and am the manager of a car dealership and I have my own business. Bought my last car 2 weeks ago, adding up to 5 cars. 3 working and 2 project cars. My work hours are officially 9 to 5, but my phone is always by my side until it's 8, or 9 in the evening. If a client calls, I'm there to take the call for my company to set up appointments, including in the weekends and vacations. I also have a second job in the weekends, driving a bus on Saturday. That's life. And you keep going, until you make it big! But then again, I'm a capitalist douchebag obsessed with money...
      You are what my girlfriend calls "no-life nobody"

      Then you go on about how women should be honored to be in your company? No woman wants to hear about how many digital pretend animals you've clicked on today, or that your level 200 wizard got some stupid title, or the name of your favorite anime foxgirl.
      No woman would work 2 jobs to take care of a grown ass man who refuses to be an adult.

      Women want a man who has dreams, a man who looks at a challenge and starts planning how to overcome it, a man who knows how to treat a lady and show her that she is unique and the only one for him.

      You should be ashamed of yourself and should get your shit together and be a proper adult!

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    • I feel like you're actually making a mockery of men like this, while also pissing people off. Half-decent troll, I guess.

      It'd be amazing if you aren't lying, though.

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    • Ya can have my ham sandwich! I don't feel like it anymore.

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  • Castercrush mentioned how it is men who are mostly getting pissed off.
    There is a good reason, it is because they are beta cuck boys who also dream of what I want but are afraid to admit it. However, they are stuck supporting their girlfriends, like megadriver. His girlfriend would not want anything do to with him if he were not making good money and supporting his girlfriend. He is a "betabuxx".

    You men are the real losers, not me. Keep working.

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    • This sounds like the garbage a bitter, jealous incel masturbator would say...

      So I'm a cuck and a betabuxx for having a job, a girlfriend, a car and being a proper adult?!
      I guess you are the real alpha gangsta right, mooching off mommy and daddy's retirement fund to buy epic swords and get angry at women not wanting him, desperately trying to convince people being a lazy shit is normal. Yeah, you're a real OG...

      And no, my dream (or most people's) isn't to play video games all day and mooch off others. I have a business to run, investments to make, countries to visit, cars to fix and enjoy, a family to start, children to have...
      Everyone has dreams and desires.
      And this is coming from me, a guy that was on the verge of suicide a while ago...

      I'm 26 now, I've had my fair share of quick girlfriends and easy hook ups. I want to settle down with that special girl and start a family.
      You think I didn't do the gold digger test, before my girlfriend moved in to live with me... When we met I told her I worked at a car dealership and nothing more. She fell in love with that average me. Later she gradually learned the rest of my story... Richer me only makes everything better for the both of us.

      Also, surprise surprise... Women want security, a man with a steady job, ambitions and a stable relationship that works both ways.

      But whatever, I'll keep working cause I'm a loser.
      Money does not mean success, not even a bit...

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