Why can’t i stop eating?

I try to stick to a diet of 1250 calories per day but I feel hungry all the time and I find myself counting down the minutes until my next meal. I’m trying to lose weight and not look as fat but I just can’t stop eating.

I’m 5’0 and weigh 98lbs, which is considered a healthy weight but I have a disgusting fat tummy and wide things with no gap in between them.

I look at other girls and they are naturally so beautiful like models and have long thin legs and flat stomachs despite them not dieting or working out much.

I work out 6-7 times per week for an hour a day but it really demotivates me when I don’t see any results. What is wrong with my body? Do I just need to have more self control and restrict my calories more or am I just naturally weird shaped and unattractive?

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  • You probably look just fine. 98 lbs is fine. The reason why you keep wanting to eat is 1250 calorie diet is not what your body needs right now. In fact, very few people's bodies need that type of diet.

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  • 5' 98lbs.
    Youre fine.
    Theres actually a formula if you look into it.
    There is a set amount of pounds per height ratio.
    It alters a little if you have large breasts, but not wide thighs.
    Do a little google.
    I bet youll find you are beautiful.
    Just as you are.

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  • You seem to have an obsession with your weight and body image. It doesn't seem healthy. If you're hungry, eat.

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    • No if you're a fat lard don't eat just becauae you're "hungry". Thats terrible advice. Thats why theres obese people saying they dont want to be malnourished. If you're fat eat one meal a day until you're not fat. It works.

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  • I think your eyes are severely altering your body image.

    Females naturally have some baby fat on their stomach due to their uterus and other reproductive organs. Most of the flat stomachs presented in magazines are photoshopped and unnatural. When you look down at your stomach, you probably see that bump and think you’re fat.

    Starving yourself will cause your body to break itself down and lead to really negative effects. Eventually, your immune system will cease, you won’t menstruate, and your body will become useless for anything other than supporting unrealistic body standards.

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  • Start lifting heavy weights. You won't bulk up, you'll just develop a rocking bod and great metabolism.

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  • What's wrong with you could very well be in your head. You might have body dysmorphic disorder.

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  • Try lifting weights and becoming more muscular. U won't look like a man unless u take steroids. You'll look healthy, increase metabolism, and be less jiggly

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