Why are ppl

Why are young ppl so against advice?

One of the annoying things about getting older is seeing when a young person is making a mistake you made but they will not listen. Theres someone I know thats 19 now who got a car payment and I tried to explain to him how to set up his finances and also told him to not buy the car the payments are too much and he has a car. He just moved out and only makes 10 an hour and now has $850 apartment and car payment.

Fast forward today he has no money for food and cant pay his car note. Also he started working out and wanted to start using the punching bag at the gym. He said he was just gonna go by academy and get some boxing gloves. I sent him a link and told him to order these ones on amazon theyre cheaper and last longer. He said no and bought the ones at academy and they lasted 4 days. On day 3 he made a point to tell me "the gloves are good theyre holding up fine!" Next day they rip..

Why are we like this when we are young? I feel like anyone 30+ would atleast listen to you.

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  • Advice can easily sound condescending. Young people want to feel independent. They want to feel like they can make it without help from others. And while advice is well intentioned, you also are depriving them of learning the hard lesson in a way where it will stick.

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  • How do I reech these keedz

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  • I think it's because young people are enjoying their first taste of freedom and independence, and they get carried away and don't want/think they don't need anyone else's input. Also, unfortunately many young people tend to think they have a lot more figured out than they really do. 🤣 When I was 18, I knew everything! 🤣🤣🤣

    Thankfully though, I always did trust and listen to my parents and many other trusted elders in my life on a lot of things, and I'm so glad I did. I still ask them a lot of questions and don't know what I'd do without them!

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  • I think it's a lot of factors. Social media seems to have really dumbed down a lot of them. The schools don't seem to teach the kids about life. They learn a lot of useless knowledge in my opinion. Plus their brain isn't fully developed yet. I've got a 17 year old that you can't tell anything to. He thinks he knows it all but can't seem to grasp the simplest things.

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    • I think its in part because they still have their innocence in the way that they dont have a first hand experience of how society actually works. They only know whats taught to them in school and from papers they've read.

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  • I think there are at least four main reasons for this, not necessarily mutually exclusive.

    1. People perceive their reality differently from the way others see it. We all look at other people’s lives from the outside, with the clarity of being somewhat distanced and uninvolved.

    2. People are afraid of the unknown. They are afraid to step outside of their comfort zone. I have a firm belief that people are, by their nature, afraid of trying new things.

    3. People do not accept the fact that they are responsible for their success (or failures).

    4. People are so stuck in their own biases that they simply reject any attempt at helping them

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  • The arrogance of youth and their inexperience with the world.

    That combination makes them often ignore beneficial advice or reason.

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  • Your post, the part with with the boxing gloves.😂

    Young people are naive and impressionable. 🤷‍♂️

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