Why are people so obsessed with dogs?

Dogs are okay, I like them normally like any other animal.

But I don't get the extreme obsession so many people have with them. Is this just a thing in the US? It's like people are literally in love with their dog, the same way they'd be in love with another human.

When I was little, no one I knew really had a dog. Now it's like most people have a dog and they have to let everyone know they have 1 (or more) and how much they love them.

It's just weird to me. Again I have nothing against dogs, but I really think people's obsession with them is borderline creepy. I think it's also about being obsessed with control and power over something else.

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  • Dogs are nice but not more than other pets. They are considered very loving but what extreme dog folks don't get is that most pets are loving and form a strong bond to their owner. Dogs are just the most domesticated animal and they are needier than for example cats in terms of social interaction.

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    • Yes exactly. Dogs are smarter than most other pets, but not more loving or kind. They're literally predatory animals... If people are looking for kind and sweet loving pets, they better try something that is not a predatory animal. Like I watched this one YouTube channel and apparently there's a woman who keeps cows as pets. Literally. I never knew cows could be loving and affectionate, but that woman and her pet cows proved me wrong.

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      • lotsa people are killed by cows every year

        just cause theyre herbivores / prey animals dont mean they cant fuck you up

        and since theyre prey their fear survival instincts kick in a lot easier than predators

        just ask horse people about that shit they all got a story about a 3/4 ton animal goin berserk cause it saw a shadow or a leaf or somethin

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  • Love my dog, his name is Bent.
    Yellow Labrador, fat as hell, like 7 years old, absolutely zero guard dog instincts, snores like a motherfucker, sleeps 22 hours a day.
    Used to run figure 8’s between my legs when he was younger, still tries to but his beefcake ass is so wide he just ends up wiping me out on the driveway
    Sleeps flat on his back with his mouth and eyes wide open between my wife and I every night. Farts the entire time.

    He’s everything I’ve always wanted to be

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  • It does get on my nerves when they baby talk the dog and seem to laugh like its cute when the dog licks their face and mouth. Some of them let them do it. Its disgusting.

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  • cause if we dont support the dogs then the squirrels win

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  • Simon is my cat. He is my baby boy. I love him.

    People form attachments to animals just like pers. sometimes it therapeutic, sometimes Idunno… better to obsess pets over, lets say, drugs.

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  • Since you didn't grow up around it, it's normal for you to find it odd.
    When I was a kid everyone had a dog. It was a ghetto area so the dogs weren't trained and they'd run wild all the time shitting in people's yards and wrecking property. Sometimes the dogs would be too aggressive for their owners to handle, the dog would attack a person or animal, and then get put down. It used to make me sad. The dogs would pay the price because the owners were too stupid to actually take care of them. Other times people would beat the shit out of their dogs over trivial stuff and the dog would be seized and rehomed.
    I'll take the people that spoil their dogs, baby talk them, train them and keep them safe indoors with their families. These people are annoying too, but they do a way better job showing these dogs love than the people in my hometown did.

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  • I’ve never lived without a dog. And I’m not a dog person at all. They require way to much emotion and love and after doing it all day to 3 kids, I have none. There’s fucking hair everywhere. This particular dog there’s slobber all up the walls and no gloss so you can fucking clean it. I can count the times I’ve slipped from stepping in slobber. She doesn’t listen to a fucking thing. But she does love my kids and is a great guard dog.

    I always plan on having a dog just Bc I have kids and for some reason that’s just what we do. Lol. But next time I plan on getting the dog who really needs a home from a shelter. Or I want a pittie or a viszula if I get a 1,000 dollar dog. Lol. Not likely.

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  • Because they are so sweet and expressive and a great alternative to having children

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  • Because a dog will love no matter what unlike humans who rarely love another person unconditionally.

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  • People want something warm and fuzzy to hug.

    Because dogs aren't fickle like cats.

    Birds never shut up. Like ever.

    Mice are too small to cuddle and hug.

    Reptiles and amphibians can be hard to keep alive.

    Insects and arachnids are gross.

    A lot of fish don't live long and are a pain to keep alive.

    Etc. Etc.

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  • I tend to agree with you OP. Dog people seem to have an odd obsession with power and control. They literally keep a potentially dangerous pet and then teach it to obey and follow commands... And I've seen the way some people will scream and yell at their own pet dog. It's not pretty. A lot of dog owners shouldn't have pets.

    Not saying all dog keepers are bad people. But a lot of them, are.

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  • Where are you originally from, OP?

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    • The US. I just never noticed a dog obsession back in the 90s and 00s? No one I knew had a dog from what I remember growing up

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      • Why are you singling out dogs when cats are the most popular pets?

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      • I'm 53, and I think people do take much better care of their pets now than they did when I was growing up back in the 1970s, and 1980s. I honestly think I would have turned out differently, and much more secure had my mother allowed our dogs to live in the house.

        I honestly think things are much better these days!

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