Why are fat people more prone to bruises?

I'm fat and i have too many bruises by slightly touching my bed corner

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  • Are they? My metabolism is fast I’ve always been a average weight without much flexibility on changing it. And holy shit do I bruise easy. I always felt like it depends on skin and sensitivity maybe blood situation. Cause ik being anemic can cause easy bruising. My skin is sensitive and I’m pail af so I get a bruise and you can see that shit a mile away. You’d be like “omg is that a walking piece of paper with a giant blue/brown smudge” just know it’s just me.

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  • Rearrange your bedroom so you don't keep bumping into the corner of your bed: nothing to do with your size I wouldn't think.

    I'm fat and I do bruise easily, but that's because I take daily aspirin following a heart attack. Quite often I find bruises and have no idea how I got them, but hey, I haven't had another heart attack so I'm staying on the aspirin!

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  • I'm white as hell. I bruise if you look at me crooked.

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  • More surface area,

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  • Im not sure

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  • They aren't actually 'more prone' per se`, it is just that they show up easier due to fat tissues lower density than other tissue which allows more blood to swell in the area of impact.

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