Why are chechnyans

Why are chechnyans so good at sports? They seemingly came out of no where in the last decade and took over combat sports. Their population is only 1.4 million and they dont seem to be super athletic but very skilled and very good conditioning.

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  • Hard times make strong men. Have you seen the recent history of Chechnya?

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  • Chechnya is a muslim republic in the russian federation that runs kind of modeled by sharia law. It has a very interesting history. The country fought for independence in the 90s and failed. But Putin elected the former resistance leader as prime minister of Chechnya after his father who was the leader was killed.

    Its not ran like a regular russian republic. Its more like a seperate country. They have a prime minister who has alot of power over the area. More than a regular republic of russia. The prime minister is a instagram celebrity who is crazy af. Hes super rich and does crazy shit all the time. He makes Putin look like an angel. His name is Kadyrov. If you push gay shit in Chechnya you just disappear. Gays stay in the closet there.

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