Why are butch lesbians never nice to me? :(

Honest, Im not trying to stir anything here, I Know there are heaps and heaps of awesome friendly lesbians out their! just like with any group you can't make huge assessments off of just your own anecdotal experience.

but getting to that .. my experience that is...it seems as though every time i meet a butch type lesbian they are very mean to me and just ..well...idk...not friendly!

Im a really friendly guy and it just seems more often than not these butch lesbians just don't like me and i don't understand why :(

Is it because they want to be more tough-like and they over-compensate? have I just met the wrong lesbians? have you had this kind of experience?

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  • You answered your own question... Are they trying to be more tough and overcompensate... Yes and yes.

    You need to hang out with less toxic people. Butch lesbians are obsessed with trying to prove in some pathetic way they are better than you (a man).

    Treat people how you want to be treated. If they are assholes, don't be afraid to be blunt and rude.

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    • that is not a good idea to be blunt and rude, it not about revenge or paying evil back with evil.

      don't do that, how ever you can be a role model set an example that one day they might follow if they noticed from everyone else setting the example.

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  • Maybe it's because you're a man? I've known lesbians who just straight up hated men and treated them like men were beneath them. Their reasons ranged from bad experiences to jealousy. Of course not all are like this. XD

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  • you have not met the wrong lesbians.

    that is common with any gay/lesbian culture or lgbt+ community.

    some of them are friendly but most of them are not.

    there is a reason for it, and all members will deny it because they don't want to be wrong.

    they want to be accepted as a higher and more dominate people and want to be like kings and queen, I do not hate lgbt+ or anyone but I am stating facts like Ben Shapiro if you seen him on youtube.

    i would rather stay straight tho, LGBT+ creates competition and kinda
    hate for the other gender.

    its not mean to be like that but its what they want in whole. like communism.

    i could go on all about it and why.

    but I rather not debate or argue. thank you for reading

    remember there are many perspectives and perceptions in the world.

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    • Very well said! A lot of them are not friendly towards straight people and feel entitled. I have expirience with this also. And Ben shapiro is the man for this kinda thing!

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  • Do you act like a tool, or a douchebag, because butch lesbians are very no nonsense.

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    • no, I'm actually quite sensitive and even look somewhat androgynous, not like your typical douchey macho dude at all if that's what you're getting at

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