Why am i having so much right flank (side) pain?

Hello, so I am having a constant Right flank pain (under my rib area, also above my right hip area)...I had went to the hospital and they said I had no UTI infection, no Kidney infection according to Urine Samples and my Kidney Function is apparently normal..according to blood tests..apparently everything is normal and fine. But Why am I still having this pain? also I feel super weak and dizzy most of the time with this pain, loss of appetite..I am wishing that the hospital in my area would give a CT scan..I request it every time.

I have had many Ultra sounds done so far nothing was found..I am now waiting on a CT scan. and if they can't find anything..I honestly have no clue anymore on what to do...

The pain spreads to my lower back on the right side.

I hope someone can figure out what that is.

I would say the pain is more of a dull / ache..I would rate the pain 5/10 (10 being the worst)..

I've never had any surgeries, I have never hit my right side on anything, never got punched...it just really friken hurts.

I do have recurrent UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections) but this time it feels different almost..

anyway..An answer would be nice. I need a very serious answer. Please.

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