Whos your favorite fighter?

Fighter/boxer whoever could be a wrestler justanyone

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  • Mike Tyson
    Muhammad Ali
    Marcos Maidana
    Thomas Hearns
    Diaz bros
    Arturo Gatti
    Mickey Ward

    I really like a fighter whos brave and fights whoever whenever doesnt take easy money fights. Even if he loses a bit. Theres fighters that win on points and theres fighters that come back from the brink of death to finish the fight and win. I like real fighters like that.

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    • What do you think of israel adesanya? Im obviously not a great fan of blacks but there fun 2 watch fight. Very good at it as its in there violent nature

      I love watchin israel beat the fuck outta ppl

      he was like u described in that he took that fight at 205 still weighin basically 185

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      • Yeah Israel is a beast. He's been knocked out before when he was a kickboxer and it didnt even faze him he walks around like a god amongs men thinking hes unbeatable. Something I like to see in a fighter about having that much confidence to the level of delusion almost. His fight with Gastelum was legendary.

        With that being said he does cringe me out abit acting like a 15 year old when hes 30. He humped someone after he knocked them out and talks about anime constantly. Lil weird

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        • Lol I aint no gay but i thought it was funny af when he humped costa. imagine talkin all that shit then gettin knocked out and wakin up to the anime nerd half ur size break dancin around u and spinnin like a fuckin spinnin top. So embarassin. costs tryin 2 say he was drunk now lololol

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    • Nice list.

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  • Don Frye
    Josh Barnett
    Dan Christison
    Dan Severn
    Adrian Serrano
    Rumina Sato
    Shinya Aoki
    Wanderlei Silva
    Kazuyuki Fujita
    Jake LaMotta
    George Chuvalo
    Alexander Karelin
    & So many more I like, all for different reasons.

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    • Forgot about Wanderlei that dude was a fuckin psycho. He didnt have a style for success as an older athlete thats why he didnt do as good in his 30s. He fights in a full blown sprint lol

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      • He fought like he walked in on you raping his daughter. The way he stomped Yuki Kondo's head in is a good example, plus I found it funny how it reminded me of Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWF, the way he grabbed the ropes, overenthusiastically brought his foot up into the air, shaking his head & everything, when he jump onto the corner I was expecting him to flip off the crowd & catch a flying can of beer.

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  • John L Sullivan

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    • That dude wasnt an athlete more like an alcoholic alpha male that just had a lot of bar fights and used that to win boxing matches. I like his story he's a legend. He's the reason we use gloves today in boxing he thought it would reduce cuts to the face and started using gloves first.

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