Who woulld you fight one on one?

Who do you think you can go one on one with and survive?

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  • Didn't Triple H have a heart attack a few months ago? Realistically, that's my only chance.

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  • None of the above... Why would I try to fight a pro wrestler? I know I'm gonna lose, it's a pointless exercise.

    I don't get into confrontations I obviously know I'm not gonna win.

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  • Depends on where and how the fight is.

    While my health will no longer support it...

    If it was I'd be game to do something I once seriously proposed to someone mouthing off when I was in the US Navy about how good he was in a variety of things (including how good he was at shooting).

    I said (in front of about 20 of my shipmates): OK, so why don't we just find some wooded place neither of us is familiar with at least a mile wide (up to 5 miles wide), and we walk in opposite sides at the same time with our favorite rifle and a backpack of supplies (and I specified that I would carry my dads target 22 riffle with full font and back iron target sites). Lets see who walks out in a day or two...

    All the sudden he shut up... and stopped talking about how good he was as everyone in hearing range immediately said they would bet on me.

    My dad had front and rear target sites on what was his rifle competition 22 rifle.

    My normal target shooting practice in high school was to stand up empty 22 cases on the edge of the board to staple targets on at 50 ft and shoot the empty 22 cases. 10 of 10 in the prone position, 9 of 10 sitting, 8 of 10 standing.

    Interestingly, when I was judging the US Olympic Festivals I had free time to see other events and meet other athletes and judges. I ran into the riffle team on of those and loved their rifles.

    I told them of my youth target shooting and every member of the rifle team said that they could do that... and too bad that back then I had not been able to compete at the state level and gain access to better guns and get on the Olympic team back then.

    I was also hugely into Boy Scout wilderness camping and virtually lived in woods much of my summers. I had full survival skills back then (and still remember most of them). My wife has stopped being amazed when we are out in the woods and I show her how to do something - often using no more than my pocket knife.

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  • I would fight whomever I had to fight. 🤠


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  • We can make it a steel cage match

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  • i picked john cena even though i know i might die during the fight. lol

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  • No way will ever I have the balls to fight them.

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  • John Cena is closer to his prime than any of them. I dont really know its important to know how many fights they have been in before and whether or not they really can fight. I assume if they fought it would be grappling on the floor.

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    • Oh I misread it. I think I could whip all of them honestly. I know that sounds cocky but I think I could but who knows.

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  • No guns involved

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