Who would win in a war?

Which of these teams would win in a all-out war?

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  • IF the war is non-nuclear: the US group wins because they have the ability to control ocean shipping and much of international air traffic.

    Russia and China would loose all ability to ship any product by sea in or out within a week; and loose all air travel over the pacific ocean. There economies would collapse within a few weeks.

    The combined navies of Russia, China, and North Korea would all be sunk within a week except for the ships in port (and the US might bomb and sink those too).

    Russia no longer has a deep sea navy of any impact, China is trying to develop one (and vastly away from the USA). North Korea has nothing. Those countries cannot blockade shipping to or from the US, or anyone else if the US Navy gets involved.

    The world depends on international shipping - mostly via the sea.

    The very reason the USA has such a large Navy is to be able to control the sea...

    Britain ruled much of the world when its Navy was similarly huge.

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  • Since when is the USA teaming up with India?

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    • India is a closer ally to the usa than is to China. Plus we both hate Pakistan so that's something we share.

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    • If it were all out war I've heard people say India would be on the side of the Allies and force Bangladesh to side with them too. Idk what that's based on. I think the Indians have a longstanding dispute with the Chinese.

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      • Most likely would team up with the USA. They'd like to be the new world manufacturers also. Its coming.

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  • I went with the US, SK, and India. Not because I think those three have an inherent advantage but because it's almost certain many European countries, Canada, and Japan would also side with them.

    If it's just a pure 3 v 3 China, Russia, and North Korea win purely due to positioning. Alaska, India, and South Korea would fall much faster than would be feasibly defendable.

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  • No one. The nukes come out and it's over for the world. Mad Max time.

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  • Look alive Team Suicide-Mission Cannon-Fodder “I’ll-Die-For-Honor” “If-I-Don’t-Fight-They’ll-Kill-Me-Anyways” !

    It’s time to violate every human-rights act ever created in the history of mankind !

    Tonight we feast among the gods !
    Oh you aren’t allowed religion?.. Oh you’re starving?..
    Tonight…. WE !!!! URRRRAAAAAAA

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