Who would win in a duel? a wizard vs a muggle with a pistol?

I can't really say that I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter franchise. However, I recently watched through all of the movies with my friend. My friend claimed throughout the movies that any muggle equipped with a handgun could easily take-on, and even beat, the best wizards from the Harry Potter universe in a duel to the death. This actually got me thinking. What are you guys opinion on this? Would the average Joe with a pistol defeat Dumbledore in a duel?

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  • In reality, the person who gets the drop - or strikes first often wins the fight; regardless of weapons or techniques.

    Surprise is the most effective weapon there is.

    Many people actually freeze, or at least pause, if attacked; which provides time for a 2nd and possible 3rd blow to land.

    Very few people can instantly respond with an effective counter-blow.

    Only the strongest or most experienced can come out of that freeze and respond effectively. It does happen; but, is not nearly as successful as a % of wins in a fight as the person who strikes first with surprise.

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  • Depends. In an actual duel Dumbledore will see your gun and be ready for it, so could probably deal with it in some sort of magic way. But if you got in there with a shot before the duel officially started, I reckon he'd just die.

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  • Depends if the guy with the gun got the drop on Dumbledore. Since it's a duel he would be incinerated or turned into a frog or something.

    Guns would be effective against a wizard just a wizard that isnt aware they were being fired upon. Guns are also way more reliable than training for decades learning the mystic arts vs 3 hours at a range to get the average joe to shoot straight enough to kill a wizard

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  • You kids and your dumblesnapes

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  • i mean either way you can one shot someone. i'd say magic wins because there's more outplay potential/more tools, but realistically like some people have said whoever is faster with the killing curse or the gunshot will simply win.

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  • There's a text game (a gamebook) available for mobile phones as well called Choice of kung fu. While it's paid on it's own in the store, it's available for free in the 'Choice of games'app. Or was it their other 'hosted games'app..? Anyway most of the crap they publish is pretty lame and sucks dick more than Obama girls but this one is classy. The best one of the dozens of theirs I' ve tried. Totally worth checking it out.
    So.. your character is a Chinese mystic disciple who on his journey has the opportunity to learn many superpowers and paranormal skills like mindcontrol etc. Quite of wizardry. Yet what I liked most is that the author tries to keep it realistic after all. I've always hated fiction. The type than can't be real ever.
    And in the last chapter of the game you are set to a duel with a British invader armed with a pistol. I got killed so I have to admit the power of the gun in this poll..

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  • Dumbledore because he probably knows some mad spell that can save him. I think put a guy with a pistol up against your average wizard and pistol man may well win.

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  • I almost feel like there was a scene in one of the books at least with a muggle pointing a gun at a wizard, and the wizard laughed historically before defeating/disarming him

    Someone like Dumbledore can cast spells without reciting the incantation, and if we're going to use the Dumbledore from the main series then he has the elder wand, which is the most powerful wand in existence

    Plus Dumbledore has loads of experience with duels and muggles, I would suspect he'd know about the danger of guns and outside of Hogwarts would be wary of them and have preventive measures in place

    I mean yes a gun would shoot fast, but what good is that if the assailant is blinded, or Dumbledore shrouds himself in smoke, or uses Expelliarmus

    I would say Dumbledore, in cannon, would not die or be injured from a gun

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    • Sniper?

      How many spells do you think exsist for firearm protection? Wizards haven't been meddling in the muggles world so why should they feel the need to develop a countermeasure.

      The wizarding world is filled with arrogant wizards who belive they are the pinnacle of enginuity dispute the fact that they dont understand modern technology because "our magictek is better" until it isn't.

      The average wizard has protections against fire balls and shit. Not an extremely fast moving bullet that can come from any direction. Ambushes would still work on wizards.

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      • I agree with that, but OP said it was a duel between a muggle with a gun and Dumbledore

        I don't think Dumbledore would lose in that duel, especially since wizard duels are formal, with a countdown, I would think Dumbledore would at least clarify the rules to the duel

        But a sniper assassination? Sure, but where's the honor? And yeah, I'm guessing most wizards would lose in both scenarios, most only know general magic and magic for work/hobbies so unless you're an Auror or something...

        I'm actually imagining a year 1 Malfoy turning around face to face to a gun and thinking how he'd just talk himself to death 😆

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        • Like could Dumbledore just do a fus ro dah and boom fight over? Or is there strategy with it? Does he cast the sheild spell first? Or does he try a disarm? If you put him against a champion quick draw dueling I think those odds sway back to the muggle.

          Wheres the honor? Theres no elegance to human combat. Wizards think they are civil at all times giving them a crucial weakness of arrogance to the point of being defenseless against muggle technology because they belive they are over it as if they were using stones and slings.

          Arrogance is a real threat to wizards. Because they belive that they can deflect fireballs and thus are well equipped against a guy with a gun, no matter what gun.

          I mean was there a sheild spell that could stop bullets? Or dampen the kinetic impact?

          I dont read Harry Potter and I've seen most of the movies. So my knowlage about Dumbledore might be a bit lacking for this duel.

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          • Dumbledore, in character, would make the muggle reconsider his decision to engage, maybe turn himself into rubber or make him see countless fake deaths only to reappear

            He more or less has to think of the spell for it to work, so thinking s thought vs aiming and shooting

            Wizard or not, I for one have honor in spades; I wouldn't try to spar and use cheap tricks, for example, or spam dick moves in like super smash bros, I would have finesse and win with style or discover a way to improve

            There are lots of spells, basically by the main 7 we see almost every character show us a unique spell or potion and it's pretty much accepted fact that there's pretty much a spell for everything, almost like how we have a science for everything but some things are explained can't be done magically, like how we don't fully understand quantum mechanics

            But I mean you just have to imagine a way to overcome a bullet, combined with Dumbledore's skills, it's totally plausible, but like someone casting Avada Kadavra behind his back someone could snipe him or whatever just as easily

            But by honor I mean like, you're taking a powerful warrior and killing him just for the sake of saying you did

            I don't think rich people shooting lions or whatever has much honor, but take a bow and arrow to the Savannah, color me impressed

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  • Obviously it would be Dumby himself.

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