Who should i help first?

iin, all day long my mind keeps drifting to family, money problems and health, and what to do or where to go?

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  • No one can effectively help others much unless they have their own issues at least stabilized.

    So I would start with ensuring you are stable and OK.

    Then you can always help those in worse condition.

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  • Help yourself first.

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  • Before you think about others, you should think about yourself first. Are you doing okay and whatnot. Once that's done you can help with whoever needs help the most. But if you are feeling lost, try to find yourself i guess?

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  • What's the most pressing issue. Got to work your way up. Or you can triage the entire process and focus on the easy stuff first. Really depends on how dire the situations are and how many of them are there.

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  • Talk to someone you trust who can advice you.

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  • It sounds like you need someone to talk to. And I agree with stv_nt that you should take care of yourself first.

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