Who on here has gotten their dna tested?

I just sent mine into a company- 23andme- and was wondering about anyone on here's experiences?

23andme, Ancestry, etc...

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  • I got tested by ancestry.

    I am as follows:

    56% Germanic Europe

    15% Sweden and Denmark

    13% England and Northwestern Europe

    9% Scotland

    4% Norway

    2% Ireland

    1% Jewish Peoples of Europe

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  • Because it’s a very stupid fucking thing to do. When you give your DNA, third party sharing is quite common amongst different companies. When more people have access to your DNA, it’s more likely to get hacked. As companies accumulate more data, they will become much more attractive to criminals and at risk to cyber theft. Also, federal genetic privacy laws don’t apply to things such as life, disability, and long term care insurance. These DNA testing companies are allowed to access genetic testing data legally. When this is done they can charge people at a higher rate or they can deny based off of what they find. When you give your DNA to a company, your relatives that you may or may not know can be identified by others against their own wishes. Just wanted to inform you! 👍

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  • i got the dingo tested

    the results were odd at best

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  • The government will use the DNA to build a more compliant replicant of yourself which will obey their every command. It's first assignment will be to seek out and eliminate you.


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  • 100% Mountain folk.

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  • I was curious after my older brother did it, we are full brother and sister. Then my younger brother who is technically half brother did it...mine came back inconclusive...apparently I didn't spit properly hahaha,,, they sent me a new kit but I didnt do it. I was very sketchy about it anyway, I mean they already have my face from my license, and blood from the hospital....so I am still curious but I won't do it.

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  • I got mine done and found it interesting. Much of it I already knew from family history. Irish immigrants because of the potato famine, German imigrants because of a war in Russia. And Dutch ancestors back when it was New Amsterdam. But Italian showed up and that was a group I didnt expect. But I also have Punjab and Peruvian so I am curious how that happened. Clearly my ancestors liked to get around.

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  • You are stupid for giving them your DNA data.

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  • I dont care too. Im American and dont really care where I came from too much. I know my grandparents come from alabama, south carolina, and indiana. We've been here for too many generations to know our ancestory. Except for one grandparent whos parents immigrated from the netherlands which would make me 25% Dutch. I got a bit of poop skin in my blood line too from some cherokee. My granny was kinda brown.

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  • It's 2023, DNA doesn't matter.
    It's all about what you self-identify as.

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  • Vaas is this you?

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  • I had it done a while ago, and they’ve change my numbers like 2 times, so it’s iffy
    8% Ashkenazi Jew
    4% Chinese
    <1% Mongolian, probably cause we got Khan’ed
    The rest Russian

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  • No ancestry. Just standard dna tests for conditions...

    Odd number of chromosomes so that's fucked.

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  • I haven't and who cares?

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  • ancestry. said little that i didn't already know, and helped prove the "cherokee princess" shit was garbage. they eventually decided to make separate categories for "british" and "germanic" and htf you disentangle the two, idk; claimed i was only "2 percent germanic" despite gramps being from niederhausen and my grandmother also being of partial german descent. other sites let you upload raw data into them, and i'd get slightly diff results each time (ancestry said "french" while another said "south european" or "mediterannean," ancestry said "british" while another would say precisely how much of that british was nordic (about 17 percent, it thought). I've since deleted it, bc who wants some third party having their mitts on your dna?

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