Who my (according to others) unattractive crush looks like

The only celebrity he looks like is Cillian Murphy but if Cillian Murphy had an angrier "resting bitch face" and nasolabial folds and poor posture, but otherwise they look very similar like their eyes are extremely similar. Tell me what you think. This is a followup. I think Cillian Murphy is hot by the way but hes unusual looking like attractive alien boy.

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  • Anyone who thinks a successful actor playing an “attractive bad boy” role is ugly needs to lower their standards.

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  • Not me watching peaky blinders for the third time. Ughhh. Cillian Murphy is a fucking dream boat. Good lord. His voice is so deep and warm.. I digress.

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  • Beauty is subjective, what is ugly to one is attractive to another.
    Take me for example. Some people (here on IIN even) say i'm good looking/sexy, while others say I look like a caveman/rapist

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  • Cillian Murphy is considered unattractive?

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    • Yes ive heard people say this because hes unsuaul sort of looks :L

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