Who is your “hated/rival” nfl teams? or which teams do you cheer against?

Well since this is the sports section, just wanna ask maybe for sports fans. Which team is your favorite teams “Biggest Rival or Foe”? Or which team do you have the most bad history with? I’d say for me since I like Denver Broncos, I’d say the KC Cheifs are big time rivals in our city. Broncos and Chiefs absolutely can’t stand each other? What about you? Who’s your “rival/enemy” team? Or team you can’t stand seeing win games?

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  • As sociopathic as it sounds war has kinda become my sports team. Arguably this applies to way more people who are just not honest about this line of thinking of blindly supporting their sports teams for nothing more than local pride.

    As I do my research I know specifically what each team is going for so I'm less morally questionable in supporting the direct effects of war.

    Go Ukraine! Keep that petrodollar strong and kick russia in the nuts along the way.

    *eats popcorn*

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  • Steelers

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  • i always thoughta the manning brothers as twats who had it handed to them by daddy

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  • Since I'm from Chicago, and a Bears fan, that would have to be the Green Bay Packers.

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