Who is/was your favorite winnie the poo character?

Who is/was your favorite Winnie the Poo character? Do you have anyone you know who would identify with one of the characters? Explain.

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  • I had a rough childhood and am still going through tough times so I suppose I like Eeyore the best because his attitude is just relatable.

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  • Tigger is definetly my favorite. I still watch Winnie the Poo cartoon stories if one happens to be on the television.

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  • Tigger used to be my favourite, but recently I've started to feel a vibe with Eeyore.

    I just love the way everyone accepts him even though he's just a sad little dude.

    I watched Winnie the Pooh obsessively as a child, and the only episodes that remained with me are the ones where Eeyore had a house built for him and when everyone helped reattach his tail. Something about seeing unconditional love in that kind of way resonated with me I guess.

    Thx for coming to my sappy TEDtalk.

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  • The wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers are wonderful things!

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