Who has watched boondocks?

If so what is your favorite part?

Mine was when Butch Magnus beat the absolute crap out of a nun it was funny.

And another when Huey owned a bunch of Chinese people and went kicking their asses.

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  • If uncle ruckus isn't your favorite character are you even human? Huey is close second though

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    • The Grandpa is funny,

      My favorite part was the unbeaten part, where he gives a woman a belt and then the woman wacks the crap out of the son.

      ( I meant to write the Grandpa ).

      Yes Uncle Ruckus is also funny is fuck. Especially that one episode where they referenced BET.

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    • I'm tempted to tell my kids that revitiligo is a real thing.

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  • My favorite part is when Grandad says "Show him my stuff, give the man everything I got" and then is interrupted by Riley (he's my fav character btw) saying "pause" and then the whole conversation about having to say no homo.


    Riley: . . . Pause

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  • Huey is my favorite character from the Boondocks, so I like pretty much anything he does

    I also like it when they say "_____"

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  • Dude, it's fucking hilarious :'''). You know McGruder is making another season? I love anything with Thugnificent. I think my favourite line though is when Uncle Ruckus finds out his African "It says I'm 102% African, with a 2% margin of error"!

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  • My favourite part is the Obama episode where the documentary maker points out to Tom that Obama is just a better looking, more successful version of him.

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  • I used to watch it with my college buddies back in the day. I loved Colonel H. Stinkmeaner's attitude. 'COLONEL H. STINKMEANER = NIGGA' Hahaha!

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  • Boondocks saints or the animated series boondocks?

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