Who has it easier to find a serious relationship?

Blows my mind, seriously…

I’m very involved in an online gaming community and two people I game with on daily basis are these 2. I tried setting both of them up, but the guy wasn’t down with her baggage.

- pulls in over 130 grand per year
- owns his own property right in the city center
- owns an impressive car
- no kids and no baggage
- 25 BMI and fit
- Awesome personality and confident. Can be a bit of a show-off.

- Decent job (40 grand per year)
- Inherited a decent house
- No car
- 2 kids
- 31 BMI and chubby
- Caring personality and very down to earth. Solid person.

The guy’s seriously struggling to find the one, while the girl literally has an endless supply of suitors, of which she chose one recently. As for myself, I’m not looking at the moment as I’m studying abroad. Just wondering if this is just a coincidence or if we guys are meant to play hard mode.

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  • Seeing as a relationship takes 2 people, it’s literally impossible for one sex to have it “easier” than the other. Unless Lesbians are absolutely cornering the dating game right now

    There’s reasons people are alone.
    A vast majority of the time it’s because they don’t put themselves out there. And some men are socially retarded and can’t tell that they’re absolutely unbearable and miserable to be around, they think some cash will save them. It won’t.

    I know you’ve made posts like this multiple times before and you kinda have an obsession with this “Chicks have it easier !!!” mentality. If you’re ever curious why you’re alone… it’s that.

    Also, if I was this female friend and I saw you talk about me this way, I’d never speak to you again. You’re purposely creating a scenario for people to bash your “friend” which I think is incredibly inappropriate.
    If you think your little dude friend is such a catch why don’t you date him

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  • This makes no sense. There are more factors in play when picking a partner, like chemistry. You'd have to be nothing but a gold digger picking someone based on income and how good looking they are. Plus everyone has baggage. If one has genuienly no baggage they must be a pretty boring person tbh that have experienced nothing.

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  • You said nothing of what kind of people they are. How do we know the financially successful, fit man in this example isn't an a raging dick head? Same for the woman--if she's got a steady stream of suitors looking to be in a relationship with her, there's obviously something appealing about her

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  • Why are you asking this hypothetical? If I was dude no 1 I would be way more concerned over gold diggers than if I was dude no 2.

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  • “Endless supply of suitors” doesn’t ensure finding “the one” (serious relationship). Check the quality of the “suitors” she’s pulling and I guarantee guy #1 could get the same amount or more of that quality (unless you are implying your female friend doesn’t have room to be picky, which I guess is kind of true depending on her level of desperation). he is fishing with better bait than the lower class obese single mother.

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  • Good grief... What about personality, if your chemistry matches, goals and dreams are compatible, and many other things.

    I once estimated my pre-internet and internet dating success like this after I got out of college in 1985 (and I did find my wife on the internet).

    I likely exchanged messages with at least 10,000 woman where it seemed we might match after our initial set of messages.

    I likely talked with at least 1000 of them on the telephone or internet audio chat (before video chat), and then video chat.

    I met in person over 100 of them.

    I dated less than 5 of them.

    I married 1 of them.

    My wife's search and ratios are not as extensive as she grew up in eastern Ukraine and did not even have internet access until the mid 2000's (where I was doing modem dial ups by 1987). But she has told the stories of all those strange messages and the strange men she met in person... until I cam along (my message was strange in a totally different direction).

    I'm not sure anyone who has standards and is willing to hold out for a good match has it easy.

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  • Women always have it easier in the dating pool.

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    • Blows my mind though. The dude worked hard for his career and takes good care of his looks, while she doesn’t take care of her looks and didn’t achieve anything spectacular while having baggage.

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  • I'm a feminist, and I'll be the first to admit that dating is much easier for women regardless of what other hardships they may face. It's probably because men are expected to provide for women, so it really perpetuates the idea that any woman will do, so long as she's decently attractive to a man. Things like these truly prove that the world's history of misogyny hurts everyone.

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  • Neither one of these people have it harder than the other. Both of them could easily find a relationship.

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