Who else thinks that curling is a stupid sport?

It shouldn't even be in the Olympics. They look like idiots sweeping with their little brooms in front of rocks sliding on the ice.

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  • It is a sport. It doesn't have to be for you. But its still physical and takes skill

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  • My country is good at curling, so I have to disagree.

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  • Why don't you try it...

    I assure you that its a lot harder than you think to win at Curling... especially at national level and above.

    It's a team sport that takes a lot of skillful work together to be able to win.

    So what if it's not your cup of tea as a sport. That does not eliminate it from being a sport.

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  • Though it may not look very appealing to you, nor very difficult, it is likely something that requires a lot more skill and years of practice than what it appears.

    For instance, another sport people say shouldn't be in the Olympics is equestrian sports, because they think the horses do all of the work. They don't realize just how hard and just how much skill and athletic ability is required to ride at the Grand Prix level, and especially on pro horses. I rode hunter/jumper for years and just becoming proficient at the lower levels (i.e. 2'6" courses) on a made horse was a lot of work. I use this comparison because I know nothing about curling or really any other sport but this one, but can see how it's easy to not realize how much goes into them based off of my own experience with this one.

    It just goes to show that something that may look pointless or easy can require a lot of skill that isn't easy or quick to acquire.

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    • Congratulations on your achievement in becoming at least proficient at hunter/jumper riding (at any level).

      That takes dedication and a willingness to learn.

      You are totally correct that the other sports take a similar level of effort and learning to become good at them.

      At the international level - no Athlete talks down to any other sport athletes who are performing on the international arena. They all know what it takes and the sacrifices people have to make to get there - and its nothing but respect for other athletes in other sports.

      I can say the above having been to at least 4 Olympic Festivals in the USA and 1 Olympics as an Official. I got to meet many other athletes and officials from other sports. One of the highlights of my life.

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      • Thank you! You are correct, it takes a lot of dedication and willingness to learn!

        Absolutely agreed, and what a cool experience to be an Official at the Olympics!

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  • Even curlers think it’s stupid I’m sure.

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  • I love it. Its not as intense but its like bowling. You need great aim and direction.

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