Who else is fed up with cnn running and rerunning old news?

I’ve seen the series for the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s on there so many times that it’s sickening. I mean those days are gone, let it go. I guess a lot of people that live in the past must watch them.

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  • The American mainstream media's rinse and repeat cycle hasn't been going on as long as the 90's has it?

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  • Im more fed up with the algorithms that bury embarrassing stuff for the establishment. You gotta bookmark everything that happens now because if it comes out wrong its gone from the search function later.


    Good luck finding this hilarious CNN faking video by searching

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  • What else are they going to run as there is a limited amount of very recent news that is of interest to people?

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  • 24 hour news networks should be outlawed. They no longer serve a purpose.

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  • People still watch mainstream media? Sad.

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    • It's typically older people or people who live in areas with incredibly slow wifi that do so.

      I was recently looking at internet speeds in my hometown and it's over 100 USD for 1mbps download speeds.

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