Who else is addicted to peeling apart their split ends like string cheese?

I love picking, pulling and peeling apart my split ends. I've been told countless times that it's bad to do it and that I should get my hair trimmed but no one understands how satisfying it is! It's such a great way to pass the time and I love it when I peel it all the way to the root without one of the pieces breaking off. But it's still fun to pull it just right and end up with a curly cue of hair from one piece and seeing just how thin it is. Sometimes when I'm pulling it, it'll make a slight noise of it tearing and it sounds so lovely! I'm so addicted to it and I don't want to get my hair cut because I love doing it so much and I love seeing if I can get all of them. Maybe it's not as bad as people think and perhaps it'll give me a unique hair style. Who else loves and/or is addicted to doing this? I'm not the kind of person who actually pulls it out of my head, which is what trichotillomania is and I don't like the feeling of that. I just like the feeling of taking my fingers and separating the two strands like string cheese! I guess that's why I love string cheese so much anyways.

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  • I’ve never taken time out of my day to even look for them.

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  • If this is a serious addiction for you, I'd suggest looking into buying a wig so you can knock yourself out by having as much string cheese fun as you'd like without damaging your own hair too much

    The appearance of thin hair isn't much of an issue(to me, being a person who would see you, a stranger, walking down the street. Idk how you personally feel about it) since some people just naturally have really fine hair or even sparse density, HOWEVER fine hair(meaning the strand of hair that you've just split in half) does break off more easily

    So during things like brushing your hair, rubbing you hands through your hair as you wash it, combing, pulling to style, rubbing against things, putting in hair ties/rubber bands or other accessories, could cause it to break. Idk how comfortable you are with having less hair than you do now as this addiction of yours continues

    If having less hair than you do now down the road is something you don't want, or maybe want to see how that "unique" hairstyle looks before permanently having it yourself, then I would suggest looking into getting a wig

    You can split as many split ends as you'd like on a wig. Plus if it runs out, all you gotta do it rub the wig against some rough carpet and/or leave it in the sun or put some hair chemicals on it to split some more ends to satisfy your urges¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Meh. Yeah I get it

    I'm not addicted to it. I don't spend time searching for my split ends. But I guess I can see the appeal in it considering I've done it a few times(though I've never taken it all the way to the scalp)

    I disagree with what another person said in the comments btw. Idk why so many people seem to be so HiGh cLAsS about other people's hair

    Whether your hair looks frizzy, greasy, thin, full of split ends, I honestly don't care and I don't know why so many other people do

    Plus you never know what someone may be dealing with and for some, those things may be out of their control or due to some health issue

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  • my hairs too short for that shit and too thin if its grown long

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  • Why do I get guteral reaction to this "peeling apart"? It actually brings shivers through me.

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  • No it won't give a "unique hairstyle". Your hair will look frizzy and dead and that's not appealing. Hair can fluff when very split but even if you like that look that's like saying you'll keep your hair greasy because it looks stringier and you like stringy hair for whatever reason. Just get it fixed and find something else satisfying to do. This just makes me cringe... I wouldn't even use chemical dye on my hair let alone rip it apart.

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  • No

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  • I used to just pluck them. But I care about my hair so I bought as hair scissor

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