Who else experiences tiny hairs?

For about 2 months now, my anus area and crack have been so severely itchy. When I wipe, the culprit is a tiny hair. I understand it can be scalp hair bits but other times, I think it's butt hairs (diff color, thickness & obviously mine). No matter what it keeps resurfacing! Ugh. I clocked within 2 hours, wiped 7x and there were 12 total hairs!😮 Unreal! I rinse while showering, wipe after showering, even have flushable wipes. And still THIS! Ugh. Shouldn't I be conserving tp during Covid and not using it to discover hairs?! Help!!🙏🙏🙏 #frustrating

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  • Don't flush those eipes. They are hell on the sewer system

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  • Hair in your ass is normal. But you’re shedding? Or pulling them out?

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  • It is normal.

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  • Having a hairy anus is normal, I just let it grow.

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  • If you have recently shaved ur butt, then tiny hairs are normal as they are growing back coarsely, thickly, and uncomfortably. However, if they are randomly appearing out of nowhere, and you've never had tiny hairs on ur butt before (excluding if you are going through puberty), then maybe seek medical counsel,- or nair works wonders too.
    Love, Dad

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