Who do you think will win in the next nfl playoff?

They're playing off on the 7th of Feb and I am hyped so I thought if there is any other NFL fans on this site I would love to hear from you.

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  • I'm rooting for Kansas because fuuuuuck tom brady. He lost me a parley bet with his last second hand off.

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    • Same here, the match is sure gonna be fun.

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  • Don't watch or care about American or NFL sports any more, but I would normally pull for the underdog. I just can't watch a bunch of millionaires whine about how bad their country is while charging seat prices to see them play that the average parent with two children can't even afford much less their endorsed products. They whine all the way to the bank about their shitty country and life. Play pro soccer and if you're really exceptional you make about a tenth of an NFL player, play it for the sport not the money.

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  • Yeah. Fuck football.

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