Who can i pay and how much so a person can create a matrix like reality?

With no less than 100 percent replication of the real world with my own laws, wishes, wants and supply of anything at any given time as ive had enough with restrictions and unfulfill desires of the real world.

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  • Not Zuckerberg, that's for sure.

    Find one of those companies that makes AI dating apps and give them your life savings. That should be enough to produce a permanent-stay, sensory deprivation tank that keeps you asleep and hijacks your brain waves.

    I don't know how much you have in savings, but these guys are geniuses, I'm sure it's enough.

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  • A virtual universe as involved as the Matrix sounds like a one-person job. $4500 should suffice

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  • Pay me 10 million dollars and I'll get right on it.

    But you have to understand that this is a massive project and will take years to complete.

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  • me

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  • Sounds fantastic, but we don't really have the technology for this. Closest we have to your fantasy is that stupid Pixar ripoff called "Metaverse".

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  • Would I be able to love anyone I want and I mean anyone, and create a matrix-born clone of the person I love, without restriction there? If so I'm in.

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