Who are some people who inspire you?

Upon thinking of the people who I enjoy listening to and hearing from, I thought that I may as well share their names with others online, so people may hear their words of wisdom. I believe that you should make your own outlook on life, but it definitely helps to get insight from others, especially if they speak s lot of truth. I realize that some of these people might be controversial, but just remember that I don’t necessarily agree with every single thing they said. For yours you can choose anyone, from family members, to celebrities, politicians, philosophers, historical figures, religious icons, Internet stars, and even fictional characters. Here are just some that come to mind for me:

Jesus Christ
Fred Rogers
Kathryn Beaumont
Marilyn Manson
Anton LaVey
Frater Xavier
(Not really a “person,” but my dog was extremely nice and was a big inspiration to me)
Tim Burton
Lewis Carroll
Bruce Van Houten
Bruce Lee
Annette Larkins
Paul McCartney
John Lennon
Willy Wonka
The Doctor (Doctor Who)
The Cowardly Lion (The Wizard Of Oz)
Captain Picard
The pastor of the church my family goes to (I’m a bit on the fence about religion, as many of these people are of radically different persuasion, but I do go sometimes and I admire the pastor)
My English teacher from 11th grade
The Carpetbagger
Abraham Lincoln
Ringo Starr
Oskar Schindler
Indiana Jones
Captain Jack Sparrow
George Harrison
George Carlin
Mumkey Jones
Aleister Crowley
Walt Disney
Martin Luther King
Mindah Lee Kumar
King Solomon
Randy Rhoades
PT Barnum
Dalton Trumbo
Alonzo Lerone
Olivia Hussey

These are just some off the top of my head. Who are some people who inspire you? (And I feel a bit guilty not putting any family members on here, but to be brutally honest, even though I love them, I feel this people are a lot more inspiring. I guess I’ll make one exception and add my mother. I also may just say a few friends of mine, won’t reveal their names, but I know who they are).

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  • Jesus Christ

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  • Here are some -

    -Kim Jonghyun (rest in paradise)
    -Sailor Moon
    -Albert Einstein
    -Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
    -Tim Burton
    -Demi Lovato
    -Steve Irwin
    -Gordon Ramsay (seriously, he has good intentions despite being agressive on TV haha)

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  • I'll just use one key word those who had been "consistent" in our life time may inspire people in a positive way, that is hard to maintain.

    I will mention Martin Luther King.

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  • Non-Fictional:
    Charles Darwin
    Nikola Tesla
    Alan Turing
    Albert Einstein
    Martin Luther King
    Jacque Fresco
    David Attenborough
    Stephen Hawking
    Richard Dawkins
    Steve Wozniak
    Dian Fossey
    Aaron Swartz
    Edward Snowden
    Daryl Davis
    Plus my mum, brother and dog

    Jesus Christ
    Robin Hood
    Santa Claus
    Wonder Woman
    Captain America
    Master Splinter
    Lisa Simpson
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Yakko Warner
    Barney the Dinosaur (You might laugh, but he really did inspire millions of kids around the world)
    The Doctor
    Rick Grimes
    Spartacus (I know he was also a real person, but specifically the version of him in the TV show)

    I guess the main things that inspire me are selflessness, doing the right thing even if it means severe sacrifice. I'm sure there's loads more I can't think of, if I think of them I'll add them.

    PS. I do believe that Jesus existed, I'm just saying that so much about him would've been made up and exaggerated in the years since his death that the Jesus we learn couldn't really be called the same person any more. Therefore I listed him as a fictional character. Moses on the other hand was entirely fictional.

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  • Jacksepticeye, Angry grandpa, Kyle from secular talk, Christopher Hitchens, Greg House, Anne Rice, Penn Jillette, James Randi, captain Picard. To name a few

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  • My dad, Yoda and Dr. Seuss. And Chuck Norris.

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  • Do you have any idea what
    Its nothing to admire.

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    • There’s a YouTube channel that goes by that name. He travels to many interesting places.

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      • Hubbard, the easiest explanation is given in the movie.
        Gone with the wind.
        They were shitbag yankees taking advantage of a bad situation.

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        • This is who I’m talking about: https://www.youtube.com/user/carpetbaggerorg

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  • Hitler, saddam, pol pot, machiavelli

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  • Pornstar with no limits inspire me

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  • Tiffany Thompson!

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