Who actually uses 1 table spoon per cup coffee grounds

Thats tooo Strong, I use 2 tbs for 4 (cups)

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  • Old ppl like weak coffee

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    • Your are probably correct with that assumption and as people get older I think they may make it even weaker. Not all but a lot of them.

      Reasoning, they drink it because they like the taste.

      They remember when coffee was a shortage item, hard to get and expensive (expensive comparably, they were used to .25 or .50 a cup) I still can't comprehend $5 or $7 a cup.

      Their bodies don't handle caffeine as well as it used to.

      I'm not a fan of chocolate, whip cream, and berry juices in my coffee. That's a dessert not a morning drink, unless you are just looking for the caffeine rush or you really don't like the taste of coffee to begin with.

      A lot of older people see it as a drink to accompany a meal, not as a meal. Similar to hot or cold tea.

      I have been known to drink a pot of coffee 6 cups or more by lunch time. However, a 1/4 cup of ground coffee will make about 4 or 5 cups for me to drink.

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  • I love love love coffee. Sometimes I'll even eat some roasted coffee beans.

    I don't measure I use a spoon of unspecified size and just put in some scoops until I think it will taste strong.

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  • I do

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  • ew...that is some weak ass coffee. What's the point? I don't want to see through my coffee.

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  • Honestly, I prefer tea, and Coca-Cola. Coffee tends to be rather strong for me.

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  • I haaaate coffee. It just tastes so damn bitter. Instead, I just used that G Fuel stuff once every so often. It's probably less healthy, but I don't drink it enough to care.

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  • The amount of coffee I use is crazy. Lol. I like it BLACK.

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  • I use 1/4 cup of starbucks expresso grounds and make that into one cup of coffee and the rest milk. I like mine to taste strong.

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