Who’s higher league?

Me and my pals were commenting on the age gap for a couple we know. We’re good friends with the guy, but the girl is new to us. 11 years age gap, especially at that young age is a bit omegalul. We can’t wrap our heads around how he scored himself such a babe regardless.

32 y/o dude:
- Owns a top notch apartment in the city center
- Drives a brand new Mercedes convertible (idk the model)
- No clue how much he earns, but he’s a project manager if that says anything.
- Above average looking. Nice face, but could use a workout.

21 y/o girl:
- Stunning
- Stunning
- and did I mention stunning?
- Studying medicine

We’re impressed with his haul, dayum.

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  • I wouldn't compare them like that.

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  • Id say the girl is more valuable. But theyre equal leagues.

    Chics like older guys with money. Not many 21 year old guys have all their shit lined up ready to take care of a young stundent. You're like superman to her. 30s is a mans prime in life. And obviously a 31 year old guy is gonna be happy to have a 21 year old hottie sleeping with him at night.

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