Which statement do you identify with most?

I often see religion as just a passed down thing that sometimes skips generations, but I've never seen actual statistics regarding it so I figured it would be interesting to ask

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  • I teach my kids about all faiths and will let them choose when it feels right to them. I teach them the golden rule, treat others the way you want to be treated and to respect all life. And always be kind even when it's hard. You don't need to be Christian to be good. If you surround yourself with good people, religion doesn't play a factor. In fact, the most horrible people I have encountered were more often religious than not.

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  • No religion at first. Just because I believe something, it doesn't mean others should have unfair bias to make them believe it. If I had kids, I'd value their independent thought. Plus, the more you know about religion, the more you understand what religion actually is. If my kid dud fall victim to religion or drugs or gang violence, I'd still support them.

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  • My kid goes to church but I wont shelter him from evolution being taught to him. Ill explain to him the holes I see in the theory and he can decide. But I think the value system of christianity is good and an added benefit he gets to socialize with other people. More than anything I want to teach the kids to be able to be open minded and question things.
    And explain to them that smart people have been wrong since the beginning of time and always be wary of ppl who tell you they know the future or how we got here.

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  • It's up to them to find their own path.

    I'm a Quaker who was raised by new age Wiccans, so you never know how your kid will end up! Lol

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  • I'm not even religous anymore but I'll still raise my kids under it.

    Religion has always seemed more like a community thing, we all have different ways to do it at home but at church we all come together. They can choose their religion in highschool.

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    • Makes sense. I hope you encourage them to do their own research in order to find what makes the most sense for them when the time does come

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