Which star wars trilogy was the best?

Yeah that's right, which of the 3 trilogies were better?

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  • Fuck star wars

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  • the one where they chased down kahn

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  • Original, like there’s even any question.

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  • Original one is better the newer ones can fuck my ass!

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    • The prequels are pretty decent movies. They're not great movies, like the originals are, but they're fine. The newer ones are pretty mediocre, though.

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  • I'm gonna go ahead and say it... I liked the prequels too...

    I don't care how angry you get and how Jar jar should die an agonizing death. The movies were visual masterpieces, the music was out of this world (no pun intended) and it added to the story. So stop bullying George Lucas! He literally gave us a sci-fi galaxy far, far away and you muppets boo him, throw objects at him and write creepy fanfic that will even make Darth Vader go "Ewww... that's nasty!"?! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

    I'm not sure how the new Star wars movies tie in everything together... I think they kinda fail, but the originals and the prequels tie the story together nicely.

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  • I was over Star Wars probably after my family took us to see Return of the Jedi in the theater sometime back in the 80s.

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  • I liked the prequel trilogy the best, especially with that era in movie making things look more realistic than like Avatar for example, or other CG movies, and the prequel trilogy basically kept all the good things about the original trilogy

    Next up is the original trilogy, good story and everything but not quite as good as the prequel

    But all the newer ones, I've seen one or two, to me anyway they just seem to be capitalizing on the old fan base and mixing it with what appeals to the newer generation

    Can they be good movies? Sure, but as a fan of the originals, I just see a money grab by Disney more than telling a story like George Lucas did

    I'm pretty well versed in literary styles and stuff, so most of the moments I saw anyway that were supposed to be big moments were kinda let downs

    It's the same with the new terminator movies, I loved the first 3 and really wished they'd make a sequel, but now it's just a "you foiled my plans, so now I'll go back in time even further!" "Haha, I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger, I went back in time *even further* and prepared!" Like, just stop...

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