Where is the world headed, can it be stopped?

...are we there yet? take away all the gas, open the border, buy a gun, live in fear?

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  • Time to trade those ballots in for bullets comrades

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  • I think we’re all running on fumes now.

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  • It's the end of the world as we know it.

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  • USA buying Venezuelan oil would help with inflation

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  • I noticed both sides of the political spectrum are so paranoid and often suicidal about things happening in the world. They kind of let those feelings either hold them back in life or they wind up chasing away the people they love. No matter where the world is headed, I'm going to be fine. If I have to go back to Long Island to help my parents, I'll wind up doing it. If I have to live in a car again, I'll do it until I find another place to live. If I wind up jobless, I'll get another. If I get another injury, I'll rehab it and get back on my feet. No matter what happens, It's going to be temporary and I'll survive it. XD

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